Sweet Woman


Your warmth along my spine

It is new and moves me

Rolls me across cool sheets

Toward promised heat

Strong arms imprison me

Holding me against you

I am precious and needed

Lifted up, I am found

Caged and freed at once

My spirit dances

Winds across moonbeams

Trailing my answer

Hearts beat in staccato rhythm

Each whispered word

A reminder of new passion

Fingertips along hips

Demand a scented blossoming

Happily opening anew

With each breaking dawn

Scattering midnight monsters

To other worlds and history

Your words whispered in the dark

While you thought I slept

Sweet Woman

Bring me to morning’s shore

Remind me of safety




  1. **Lifted up, I am found
    Caged and freed at once**

    gorgeous, as always.

    Such passion & beauty in your words, darling. xxxxxx

  2. Hello Beautiful! “I am precious and needed,” what every person wants to feel and experience. Happy New Year, Valentine. Keep sweet. Be Well!

  3. ❤ The sweet confidence of security of love. Sweet dreams.
    You've painted another sensuous sketch of love. I want to hug myself. ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. Lovely to read.

  5. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  6. Another masterpiece

  7. You brought that sense of warmth and security, held safe in arms of Love..
    Always love your poetry dear Val… May these thoughts always chase away those midnight Monsters.. ❤ Love and Hugs Sue

  8. To me, you delivered a sense of calm and security. …. thus I smiled.

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    Beautiful!! “Sweet Woman” …. new meaning for me!

  10. Beautiful! Good to see you here!

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