While I Breathe

Girl In The Moonlight Sky

There is hope, while I breathe

Be it the hope of a dreamer

I will continue to dream

Or the hope of the dancer

I will dance on hard floors

While I draw breath

I float on the ether of hope

There is hope, while I breathe

Hope of love returned

Dreamed of, lost and denied

Hope of riches gained

In laughter, joyful tears spent

As I draw breath

I soar on the winds of hope

There is hope, while I breathe

Hope that gold is gold

Hope that silver is silver

Hope that hearts are pure

Hope that spoken words are true

As I draw breath

I drift on warm breezes of hope

While I breathe, I still hope

Always, I remain hopeful




  1. Breathe))
    I thank God you are inside this world, darling Val. xxxx

  2. This is truly wonderful and meaningful.
    As long as one continues to breathe – continues to live – there is hope, for the journey continues – and that gives hope.
    All good wishes, my dear Val,

  3. Wonderful Poem dear Val.. Yes while ever we hold breath, there is hope..Hold onto the faith that Dreams can still be fulfilled and that hearts can unite.. And that Love will always overcome Hatred and Anger.. I have lots of Hope.. For there are lots of Good people still breathing!..
    Always love your poetry dear Val.. 🙂

  4. An excellent poem for this season of hope – spring! We must always have hope even if we turn away from it occasionally. Nice to read that you are still hopeful…and we all know you are underneath it all! Cheers to hope, Val!

  5. This is a wonderful poem, Val. I love it. Without hope, what is left? ❤

    • That is exactly right, without hope there is nothing. Even when hope is difficult to grab, difficult to hold on to, without it there isn’t a single thing left.

      Thank you Tess. I am glad you liked this one.

  6. A very good poem indeed. We’ve mingled on each other pages for numerous years, and (in my opinion) is that HOPE is an important part of who you are.

  7. I do too. The alternative is unthinkable!

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