Whether I Like it or Not

Soapbox LogoWith a flick of the wrist, a twist or a pull we have introduced into our nation the most openly corrupt, venal and hostile administration we have ever been witness too. On 9 November 2016 many woke thinking their worst nightmare had been realized, never thinking they hadn’t seen anything yet. It was only just beginning.

Some thought, I will just wait and see.

Some thought, hurray my side won now it is my turn.

Some thought, this is the end and all I have and all I am will be lost.

Me? I am in the middle of one and three. I am a pragmatic Progressive Independent who believes in America, Americans and the US Constitution. I long for this nation to be the best it can be and recognize there is a very long way to go. I also realize many of us, most of us will disagree as to what ‘best’ looks like and therein lies one of our most fundamental problems.

What is the best we can be? As that icon of Conservatives Ronald Reagan said in his farewell address;

 ‘I’ve spoken of the Shining City all my political life. …In my mind it was a tall, proud city built on rocks stronger than oceans, windswept, God-blessed, and teeming with people of rreaganfreeall kinds living in harmony and peace; a city with free ports that hummed with commerce and creativity. And if there had to be city walls, the walls had doors and the doors were open to anyone with the will and the heart to get here. That’s how I saw it, and see it still.’

What few mention, these words are lifted from John Winthrop, the first Governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony and despiser of all things Democratic or even having a whiff of religious tolerance. Yes, when our presidents and president’ wannabe from both sides reference that shining city, they show their ignorance of history, this is who they are quoting:

  • Massachusetts Body of Liberty, 1641, this is a special document and I urge you to pay special attention to Women’s and Children’s Liberties and Capital Laws. Scroll through all of them though since our friend Winthrop had a special love for torturing accused witches.
  • Governor John Winthrop, I urge you to read other letters and links. He was at best a piece of work.

I use this historical reference only to define a back-to-the-future moment. Our current President used the slogan “Make America Great Again” to stir a base that felt left behind. Donald J. Trump stepped into and took advantage of the maelstrom, he reaped what the DNC and the GOP had sown, and he did it gleefully. We shook our head and said, “He can’t win”, meanwhile he sucked up airtime and all the oxygen in the room, surrounding himself with sycophants and psychopaths willing to do his bidding.


Strip Civil Rights from those who don’t look like me, worship like me, love like me. Which includes anyone who doesn’t fall into all of the following:

guy-with-moneyCaucasian, Male, College Educated, Christian (at least in name), Heterosexual (at least publically), net worth at least +$500,000 (yes this is real, though you will be forgiven this one if you are working toward it and someone vouches for you)

Everyone else? Your value is limited too:

Labor, photo op, votes (while you still have voting rights)

President Donald J. Trump and his co-President Stephen K. Bannon are everything we should fear. Each in his own way are the antithesis of who we say we are as a nation and a people. They are the very worst of us, bundled together and running our nation by edict from the Oval Office. Surrounding them are those willing to turn a blind eye on their worst actions and blatant lies by calling it something else, Alternative Facts or someone else’s error.


By whose standard? Based on what criteria? When America is great again, where will you be in the pecking order?

Today, those of us on the Left are protesting everything and demanding of our representatives in Washington they should block everything. This demand is tantamount to shutting down how government functions. Do we really want to take a page from the GOP playbook? Are we really going to be guilty of the same bad behavior as our ideological opponents? What others see, ‘disrupters’, ‘anarchists’, ‘rioters’ and worse hypocrites. What they hear? “Do as I say, not as I do”. We are protesting Donald J. Trump instead of his policies, instead of his actions, instead of his corruption, instead of the specific issues though we react to the immediacy of the issue at hand we are not, in fact, doing anything more than reacting to Donald Trump. We have frankly, not moved off our disappointment at losing the election and continue to beat that drum; STOP IT!



Am I suggesting we should not protest? Not at all. I am suggesting we should not protest every single thing, every single nominee, and every single uttered word. I am suggesting we should pick wisely our battles. I am suggesting we should stop blocking roads, blocking access to hearing out the other side, I am suggesting we should be speaking up when college students prevent free speech on campus. I am suggesting we come together, stop bitching about our majority win and use that to our advantage to win back state houses, governor mansions and Congress in the next two years. I suggest we start playing Checkers, the long game, the next census is in 2020, if we don’t have critical governor mansions in our hands by that time, we will never regain Congress, state legislatures or the Supreme Court before 2030.

The America of the future will be isolated, will be great no more, and will be dull and frightening. Stop playing Tit-for-Tat, this is not the way we win! Stop focusing on short gains and start looking toward the future we all want for our nation and the world. Sure this President is not who I would have picked, nevertheless, he won by our laws so he is who we have either for the next four years or until he does something so egregious even his own party can no longer turn a blind eye. I just remind you who is standing in the wings waiting to take the oath of office, be careful what you wish for.


Make America Great Again? Start with our own behavior lead by example, stop following the example of the opposition.

Just for a quick giggle: By State Most Questions Asked Since Election


  1. Unfortunately, he is the POTUS for now. I abhor the chaos and apprehension he has already created, his incivility and arrogance and lack of respect for the office of President of the United States which he holds. And that is just a start. I agree that protesters should be peaceful and not block traffic but voices must be heard. Voting would help! We cannot just go along as if the emperor has clothes when he does not. As always, Val, well stated!

    • I don’t think we have to like the President, I think we have to respect the office and figure out how to work within the law. As you said, voting helps and all those who did not vote and now want to bitch about the outcome, well I can only say, “what did you expect?”

      Yes, he is chaotic. He lacks manners and he is arrogant. But, we knew that. He is surrounding himself with those who will do what he wants rather than advise him properly. It is not a great start. I think all of us continue to hope he will gain maturity, I don’t believe a 70 year old man will suddenly gain maturity after all this time on earth. He is exactly what he said he was, we will need to figure out how to avoid a world war and a national collapse. Maybe those men and women in Congress will figure it out before it is too late.

  2. I don’t think we need to be protesting everything Trump did. For example, he nominated a pretty qualified person to run the Department of Agriculture, and…. and…. well, I can’t think of anything else right now, but surely he could do a couple of other good things in the next month.

    • Really? Oh, you mean the guy who held a prayer meeting rather than sit down and figure out how to resolve problems. Okay.

      As for protesting, I simply believe we need to work through the issues and focus. If we don’t we will be seen as nothing more than whingers and whiners. No one will take us seriously and we will not build the coalitions needed to win the way we need to win, not just a few seats in Congress, but local and state.

      • He had a prayer meeting instead of trying to solve the problem? Well, that not really unusual behavior for a Republican politician, and we’re not going to get any other kind from Trump.
        At least this guy actually has a degree in agriculture, government experience, and probably doesn’t think agriculture is a Chinese hoax and needs to be abolished, which can’t be said about most other nominees.

  3. **Make America Great Again? Start with our own behavior lead by example, stop following the example of the opposition.**

    I strongly agree!


  4. That a way, Val. I especially like the part about voicing against policies, nominees, etc on a selective basis over focusing on the one occupying the Oval Office …. and yes, pick the battles wisely.

    Does Washington need to be turned upside down and reformed? No doubt … but with a sincere, respectful plan instead of the bull in the china shop method.

    After sensing what was going to happen on Election Day night, I awakened the next day still looking at America in a shining light figuring it was strong enough. After several weeks, I’m losing hope. Not so much because of his actions, but the blind acceptance by a large portion of the public. I was one who never thought he could win because of my faith in the public. Well, the election results shattered that … and now the public is again shattering my hope. Then add the fact that I have no faith in Congress.

    • Frank, I am trying hard not to lose hope. Truly I am. But it grows more difficult. I hope we don’t lose all our allies. I hope we don’t start a world war, we can’t win. I hope we don’t destroy our national heritage, we won’t be able to easily rebuild it.

      I have faith in the American people, I tell you though it is slowly eroding. We surely are acting badly lately.

  5. I have friends and acquaintances who eagerly voted for Trump. Now I feel they’re going to regret their decision, as the Trump Administration slowly starts dismantling what’s left of our economy. They blame Obama for not doing enough to clean up the mess the Bush gang left behind. In a way, I support them on that. Obama and the Democrats seemed more intent on pushing through a health care law, banning torture and expressing support for illegal immigrants than working to stabilize our financial infrastructure.

    Yes, the largest banks (which are partly to blame for the Great Recession) got bailed out; GM was saved; and Osama Bin Laden is dead. But millions of average Americans lost their jobs, their homes and their retirement savings, and no one responsible for the severe economic downturn went to jail. The Democrats would have had a better chance of maintaining majorities in both houses of congress if they’d pursued criminal charges against the nefarious bankers.

    Republicans, of course, keep pushing the false notions that outlawing abortion and banning queers from getting married would be enough to overcome the bad economy. They deliberately stymied any efforts the Obama Administration made to repair the damage; thus proving they’re the party of assholes. Sen. Ted Cruz whined that the Democrats were poised to undermine Trump at all costs. Seriously?! He’s the leader of the asshole pack.

    I have never seen a president so temperamentally unstable as Trump. I was willing to give Bush, Jr., a chance 16 years ago. But I cannot and will not do the same with Trump. I honestly fear for Trump’s personal welfare. If he gets upset with Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of him, I have to wonder what he’s going to do in the face of a real problem.

    I’m in the purple column with you, Val. I feel our moderate voices are lost amidst the screaming of the extremists.

    • I fear what we get if something happens to Trump. I fear what happens if Trump stays where he is. Like you I have never seen or heard of anyone so temperamentally unsuited for the office of President. Each day we watch another bomb drop, each day worse than the one previous. You have to wonder, who is in charge and what is the real agenda?

  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Very interesting read … ‘On 9 November 2016 many woke thinking their worst nightmare had been realized, never thinking they hadn’t seen anything yet. It was only just beginning.’

  7. Well said as always Val.. The voice of reason.. It is no good fighting fire with fire. But we must stand up for justice and what is right .. Balance is needed and too many now in politics are using it as a boxing ring in which to score points.. Throwing punches wildly is not serving anyone.. For it may well play into some hands..
    Learning to treat each other with respect and look within our own reflections.. Which is what I have been saying for so long.. It all begins with Us..
    Lovely to see a post from you Val.. xxx Hugs

    • We are right now simply shadow boxing without understanding the system we have on our hands. Everyone simply screaming at the opposition, no one listening. It is terrible. Frankly Sue, I am afraid to say anything for fear my Purple will be vilified and I will be thrown off the farm.

      It is a strange and ugly time. My introversion is the only thing protecting me right now.

      XXX Hugs right back

      • I can only imagine how the energies are right now.. Its a frustrating time right now.. So my thoughts are with you Val.. Love and Hugs my friend xx ❤ It was good to see a post from you ❤

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