If not now, Tomorrow?

Soapbox LogoMy silence does not indicate lack of interest; in fact I have, like so many others, remained glued to the tragedy that is the United States of America. Each day it seems there is some new ‘thing’, some new chaotic stew of childishness, some immoral or cruel act from those who would be leaders. Each morning I waken to worse and coarser communication bombarding me from every corner of the world. Every single night I crawl into my bed and wonder if the world will see another morning, with heightened levels of fear, for my nation, my friends, children and grandchildren I wonder what we will be left with in three years. Hell, some nights I wonder what, if anything, we will be left with in three months let alone three years.

Do you think I am being dramatic? Really, do you not wonder the same things I wonder?
I am constantly stunned by the level of depravity and craven corruption that is now our entire body politic. One side has their Inglorious Leader, why hide? Do not for one minute believe though, I am pointing at one party and leaving the other out of this, no indeed both are equally shady and own the corruption that is this dissolute hell the United States of America is now become.

The President of the United States is an antagonistic, juvenile delinquent with the spoiled-bratmindset of a schoolyard bully who has never been told NO. Meanwhile, the Republican controlled Congress chip away at our Freedoms, chisel away at our rights, our economy, our Democracy; at the very foundation of what makes our nation Great and none of us are paying a bit of attention. Each and every single day, we sit staring at our electronic devices, bitching and whining at the latest tweet by that fool that is POTUS, while Congress has their way with us without a single cry being raised.

So I have to ask, with all the warnings we have been given by their acts, their words and the clarion call of those who have watched Presidents since before the days of Nixon and his fall, if not now when?

When do men and women of dignity, morals and ethics finally say enough; when do they say, no damned more. Where are they perhaps is the better question.

When do these lost men and women say, pack your bags, turn in your badge and carry your happy and undignified asses out of my House (Congress, Senate) before you embarrass this nation further than you have. No more with your dog whistles, your stunts, your ignorant statements of patriotism, your blatant and ugly hypocrisy,


Washington D.C Skyline

no more tearing our nations foundations up by the roots, no more of your terrible families, your corruption, your sycophant ways, no more of your bullying, your nationalism, your pseudo Christianity and worst your followings and encouragement of Nazi’s, White Supremacists, Xenophobic Nationalists. I am certain my list could be longer, this is simply the tip of the iceberg, the very tip. This list applies not just to the current occupant of the White House, but members of his legal team, Congress, Senate, his advisers, Family and Friends, Spokespersons, Cabinet and Media mouthpieces.

Our nation is more divided than ever before and we simply sit and twiddle our thumbs bemoan our situation remind ourselves that he is not legitimate as Madam Secretary Clinton won the popular vote (so what). Or even worse, that Bernie was cheated (no he wasn’t).

Truly my silence does not indicate a lack of interest. My silence has been self-imposed, my psyche shut down and I drew a blank each time I tried to write. I have over hundred half written odes to the state of the union in my file, I simply could not finish them. I have over fifty poems, I could not finish my heart was breaking as our nation shattered. I have over fifty simple bridges of what is happening with my world, to break the silence and reenter the world; I could not finish them my writers block built a wall I could not scale. I am beating it down today, I am speaking today. Maybe I will speak again tomorrow. I hope you, my friends are still out there as there is much to say.


3 May 2018


  1. frigginloon says:

    Nice to see you peek out of your cave. I got nothing.

  2. Still here. Glad to see your head is above water (even if ever so slightly).

    I’ve suffered too much from emotional overload on all this. Will definitely sound my voice via voting this November. If it’s Dems vs Repubs as the only 2 true choices, I doubt big changes will come; both parties are singing the same song but with a slightly different presentation. I’m focusing on female candidates who most represent what’s important to me. The rest is up to a higher power.

    For sanity’s sake, I’ve taken to balance the negative by indulging in super-positive activities. Environmental issues are taking such a hit these days; my positive action was to volunteer at a local mom n’ pop organic farm . . . I’m now working there steadily, getting my hands in the dirt, remembering what I’m made of, recalling what life was like in this country way before all this madness, feeling connected to my ancestors and staying mindful of the challenges they too must’ve faced. In a way, I think I would’ve fared better back a hundred years ago. But that’s romantic thinking. Every age has it’s struggles. In the virtual, fake society we must live in these days, staying grounded, in touch with Mother Earth and being even a tiny part of an influence on helping people to stay grounded as well . . . that’s been helping my head enormously.

    Hang in there, Val. In every time, there is a season. If you’re not meant to write at this time (in a way that you wish to), that’s all right. I found myself in the same predicament as you this past year or so and decided that if I couldn’t find something hopeful, helpful, and positive to say (to balance all the negative lately), then I ought to just keep all those thoughts and writings in the notebooks or on the computer and wait till something more constructive comes through. Sometimes it’s time to harvest; other times we just need to tend to the dirt and plant seeds.

    • So many of my friends are finding ways to ground themselves away from the ignorance surrounding us. I think that is why I needed the hiatus. I am to much of this world to walk away, but I needed to center. I will write more about this soon. It has been a roller coaster.

      I am glad you have found a way to dig in and get centered.

      • I figure it’s important to stay centered. When I get a little better at doing so, I may even physically show up at local peaceful protest marches for the causes I believe in. I have a friend who does this often and I think it may be about time I lend my voice and presence in a bigger way that simply self-preservation.

  3. I believe I shall just simply have to set an alarm to sit before my screen if I have any hope of actually finishing something other than the bulging book of poetry which needs a cover.

    • I have one of those, I don’t know what I will do with it yet. I don’t know what I will do with any of many things yet. My issue isn’t the writing it is the what to do after it is written ❤

  4. I sort of figured you’d spontaneously combusted or something following the shit show that is this current administration. Nice to see your name in bold again!

    • I somewhat did Mark, needed to figure out how to get through it with some sanity intact. Now I am getting there and I will start to write my thoughts again. I hope my friends are still out there and I can start to read again too.

  5. No you’re not being dramatic. We in other parts of the world who love what America stood for and look to it for leadership are fearful too.

    • Ian, Hello
      You are not the first to say this to me. It is absolutely frightening. I am stunned how one man can cause such terror. He does though. Well hopefully I am done with my crawling under a rock now and can start to write and read again.

  6. No, Val, you are NOT being dramatic! I, too, am highly embarrassed by and ashamed of our faux president. I honestly have never been so disgusted with this country as I am now. I still can’t believe Trump is sitting in the White House! Only a massively fraudulent election could have put such a cretin there, and only the GOP would allow someone like him to take leadership of their gang.

    On a side note, I am SO glad to hear from you! I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit recently and hoped you hadn’t given up on writing. Glad to hear from you! Keep writing and keep fighting!

    • Thank you Alejandro. I just needed a hiatus. Life had sorta taken my by the neck and shook me hard. I think I am done now and will start to do what I love, write, read and communicate again. It is afterall apart of my core.

      You are right, this election was amazing. I don’t think it was fraudulent though, it worked the way it was supposed to by our rules. I should probably take that one on, it would be an interesting study in how the system really does and does not work.

  7. Yes! We are still here. I was thinking about you the other day and started to leave a message on your blog but here you are! You have expressed the outrage I feel every day as I watch the recordings and words of Trump. We cannot look away and accept his behavior!

    I hope your life is going well and you will write again! Cheers!

    • thank you my friend. I am here, trying to pull all the threads back in to make a credible swing for my back yard. I just needed a break, for a whole bunch of reasons. I will write more and more and more (I hope).

      My hope is all is well with you.

  8. Hello, Val! I am in the same boat. Perhaps a paddle each would get us up this swamp!

    • Elyse, I have thought of you frequently and hoped you were doing well. Maybe a Paddle and a Pail .. this shit show is simply intolerable for any sane person.

      Honestly, there is so much it is hard to know where to start sometimes isn’t it?

  9. Boy, can I relate. I have been trying to restart my blog and it seems like so much appearing on my screen are rants and I never wanted that for my blog. So the rants have been going into the drafts and simple-minded distractions published. You have inspired me to start moving the rants into the daylight. Thank you.

    • Mine has simply been an inability to focus on one subject at a time. There is just more than I can handle, I never thought I would say that. To much to absorb, all in a day. Yet I think we must, each of us must.

  10. Hello!
    Are you back?! I’ve miss you.
    Yes, the times are dark. Mr. T. is ugly.
    …but we have You and your VOICE to encourage us &
    others who MARCH and use their voices.
    Change will HAPPEN.
    Love you. xx

    • I love you, you are an inspiration. I hope I am back. I hope I have climbed out of this pit of a writers block. I am trying. I pray change will come.

  11. Hi Valentine. Nice to see a post from you. Sorry it’s in such terrible times. Every day is a new day of frustration and disbelief. I hope we can make some changes for the better come November.

    • Carrie, hello to you too. I am hoping we can encourage more than just a wait too November. I see cracks, but we need more than that don’t we? November can’t come soon enough!

  12. Valentine, how GOOD to see your name in the e-mails… I have wondered where you were… I can empathise with every word you write… my new partner( of three years) is an American and we’ve just watched three times round, every episode of The West Wing – utterly fascinating in the context of today…
    But it isn’t just the States in meltdown you know… I read the English newspapers and can’t believe what I’m reading… and then the other European so- called democracies… a flawed ideal as we all know.. no women or slaves could vote in the first democracies which have served as our models for a free society…
    I sometimes wonder if the world is like an overflowing petri dish, and we’ve reached the limit with over-population before the world becomes ungovernable… It’s a challenge in this day and age to stay positive….

    • Indeed! I think though, not so much are they flawed as in need of movement, so many of our imperfect unions are stuck in historical absolutes.

      New partner? Oh, happy for you!

  13. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    I totally get your feelings because I share them …. I haven’t had a moment of internal peace since that sorry excuse of a being descended that escalator!!

  14. Dear friend … it’s so good to see you. Been thinking about & missing you! I share your feelings. I’m exhausted, empty, drained … never thought … in my lifetime! And to top it off … Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.
    My words fail me so I thank you for yours! 🤗

    • I am hopefully only getting started. My silence is ending (I hope). The degradation of this nation deserves more than silence from those of us with a voice. Thank you for your support.

      • You are most welcome! AGain, so good to see you … I still have a voice but it’s definitely changed. I’m cynical, incredulous, unforgiving of some … yep, I’ve changed!
        Less lightheartedness, kinda sinister and totally dismayed! #Sad …

  15. I’m glad to know you’re still here.
    As for the question if not now, when?, the answer would be, this November. Unfortunately, and fortunately, the Constitution allows throwing the bums out every two/four/six years, but not any time in between, no matter now many good men and women say “enough” at any time in between. Unfortunately, because we would have to wait 6 more months, and fortunately, because if good men and women got to change their representatives at any time they want, there’d be nothing but chaos and anarchy, since everyone thinks they’re the good guys and therefore entitled to changing their politicians to their liking.

    • X, hello. There is so much more that can be done other than simply wait for the next election. It is why we have three not one arm of government. You are right though, throwing the bums is one good thing we can do, the question is, will we?

      I am here. Just had to take a break I guess.

  16. You are NOT alone, Val. SO many of us are holed up right now, just waiting for these dark days to pass. XOXO

  17. I was thinking about you within the past week – so my vibes came through. 😉 … Good to see you back in the saddle. Hope life (other than politics) is well.

    “When do men and women of dignity, morals and ethics finally say enough; when do they say, no damned more.” … I say they have already had enough – problem is this group is a minority.

    • Ah Frank, they must have as I finally was able to sit and write today after a very long dry spell . I am also glad to find that saddle back where it belongs and will try hard to keep it there. Life has been interesting, I will get there; writing about the changes that is.

      Minority? I think they are not. I think they are simply not well versed in how to speak up or be active. It is a strange position for some to find themselves in.


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