Game Over

One hundred days, really it has only been just over one hundred days. I am not going to rail against the current President of the United States, it is not worth my time or the click-clack of my nails against the keyboard. There is too much to say, too much to rail against and many others have made it their lives work to pound their heads against that immovable object. Instead, I am going to take on the other side of the house, the other apparently immovable object….the DNC, the Progressives, the Liberals of this nation.

My first question, just what the hell is wrong with you people?

Do you think I am asking this question in a vacuum?  It is an honest question, what the hell is wrong with all of us? We are shrinking the tent, making ourselves smaller and less interesting to the common man and woman in the streets. We are in fact scaring the bejeezus out of many of the everyday people we say we represent. So I have to ask, just what the hell is wrong with all of us.

People who say they represent our interests, say they are Progressives / Liberals / Democrats are rioting in the streets of cities, tearing up businesses and personal property and we say nothing. We say not one single thing at all. Instead, we sit back and allow the Anarchists to run wild in the streets and we shrug our shoulders.

People who say they represent us, our interests are standing up in public making the most ridiculous statements, including the idea of ‘purity tests’ on seated Democratic Congress men and women and Senators in secure districts. Yes, that’s right purity tests. Let me help you on this one, we don’t all have to think exactly alike, we don’t all have to tow the line on every single issue, we are not the Tea Party or the Freedom Caucus. We are, I hope, the party that invites those who are from many walks of life and who seek to be represented by intelligent, thoughtful people who will vote their conscious and in most cases vote in support of a platform we can agree on, one that is representative of a wide range of people from many walks of life.

I need to point something out right here, we do not all vote for every Congressional Representative or Senator. The people of their district or state vote for them, in state elections. The duty of the Congressperson or Senator, even while voting on legislation that affects the entire nation is to also represent their own constituents in the best way possible. If they are doing a good job, they are representing all their constituents, not just the ones who voted for them, not just the ones who scream the loudest, but all of them!

So let’s have a conversation about why we find ourselves where we are. Maybe first we should define exactly where that is, before we move on to more esoteric discussions.

  • 33 States have Republican Governors, which amounts to 60% of the population
  • 25 States Republicans have a Trifecta, where they control both Legislative Houses plus the Governor’s Mansion

This brings us to Washington, that quagmire of corruption.

  • White House, Independent Donald Trump spent his entire life as a Democrat until he decided to run for president. He picked up on the worst of the rhetoric, appealed to the lowest common denominator and hijacked the Grand Old Party.
  • Far Right Wingnut Mike Pence is his loyal lap dog, went along with him. Colluded in every scheme and made excuses for his madness. All to be one step closer to the office chair he would never have gained on his own.
  • Congress and the Senate swept in on his coattails. Where usually we would have checks and balance instead we have nothing but more complicity, more turn the other way and hope like hell you aren’t caught in the coming storm. They are falling, slowly and one by one, they are falling.
  • Supreme Court, we lost it already. Be fully aware it is gone unless something dramatic happens to bring this entire administration down to its knees SCOTUS is gone for a generation. Shame on all of us.

So how did we get here? It wasn’t in a single election. It wasn’t because we blinked in 2016. It wasn’t because White Women voted for the wrong candidate (Trump). It wasn’t because not enough people got out to vote. Stop, stop here and now with the blame game and the finger pointing. Really? It makes you look unintelligent, every single time I read some post or blog blaming everyone but the true culprits, I cringe.

Trump is President of the United States because he won the election according to our laws, according to our rules. The fact of the matter is we, every single person who calls themselves a Progressive, a Liberal or a member of the corrupt Democratic National Party put him in that office just as surely as those who voted for him.

We blinked. We didn’t fight at the state and local level when the RNC was pouring money into those elections and gerrymandering those states to ensure the future. We didn’t pay attention as we slowly bled Governors and state legislatures; as cities flipped and one by one congressional seats flipped, we ignored the signs. We thought the only important thing was the office of President so that was all we paid attention to. We allowed the DNC to unwisely pick battles, withhold much-needed money from winnable battles, losing fights we could have won had we just had a little more help from a national party with more than enough money to spend.

We didn’t complain when the DNC put up a bad candidate. Yes, I said it Hilary Clinton was a bad candidate and she ran a bad campaign. She lost because she shouldn’t have run. She had too much baggage, she may be an accomplished woman but she should have bowed out, recognized it was not her time, would never be her time. She should have given this nation a fighting chance. She put herself ahead of us. That should have been our first clue she was a bad damned candidate. Then she had the audacity to ignore entire states, believing she could afford to not campaign, to not show up.  Now? Frankly, I wish she would sit down and shut the hell up for just a little while.

Purity tests? What do you, the DNC and others exactly want to test for? Oh, yeah I know what these tests are don’t get me wrong. You all want to be certain Senators and Congress people are Left enough for you. You want everyone to be exactly aligned with some mythical party line, voting records so pure as to require sunglass to be read. But that isn’t realistic, is it? We don’t all align on every single issue, we disagree on many issues truth be told. The reality is, what we should want is a loosely built coalition of like-minded individuals who will vote in the best interests of the nation, seeking common ground with the other side when possible and demanding the best solution for our national security, economic health and civil rights and freedoms at all times. The fact of the matter is, we need strong, independent men and women who will help us frame the future. We need those who are not afraid to take on party politics when those politics are not in our best interests. We need those who will speak from the floor of Congress for the people of their district and their nation, against injustice from wherever it comes.

Frankly, we need new blood. We need to flush the two houses of Congress of all those who have made of living off of swimming in the quagmire that is Washington politics. We need to demand term limits. We need to demand those term limits extend to the Courts, including the Supreme Court. The only way we quash corruption is to take the issue into our own hands. Purity tests? Really?

I am an Independent for a reason, I could not pass a Purity Test. This is what I look like:

60% Progressive

20% Liberal (yes there is a difference)

10% Conservative (did you guess that?)

10% Libertarian

Really think about your politics. Can you honestly say you are all one thing, entirely one thing? That you cannot find common ground with your opponents, ever on any issue. We have come to an impasse in this nation and it is frightening. We, on the Left though, we are hypocrites and we need to get our house in order before next year. We need to stop our hand-wringing and whining about the last election and start figuring out how we are going to take back at least one House in Washington and some of the States. How we are going to undo some of the damage done over the past twenty years that allowed this disaster to take place. If we don’t step up our game, it is over for a very long time to come.


  1. Excellent thoughts here Val,
    Don’t you think Val as we look at our governing bodies both sides of the pond, just how they no longer are listening to the people who put them there.. And I agree, WE each who used our vote put who ever is at the helm there in the first place..
    Mrs May got her first real general election and got it wrong, she had not been listening to the people so lost her majority in Parliament.
    Everything that goes wrong in the UK is now being blamed on Brexit, we have only JUST started negotiations which will last two years..Yet those that be, are blaming, speculating, and labelling.. No one really knows how Brexit will pan out.. It is all speculation at this point.. Yet the fear factor is being put out there constantly.
    What IS WRONG with our Governments?? They are run in outdated systems, that are no longer serving what they were intended to serve, ( the People ) Instead they are are being run by those who line their pockets, who connect to big business and I can not see it changing..
    Especially if the majority of us stay blinkered ..

    I feel for you and your country Val, One thing I think your Mr T is doing.. He is waking people up, even if it is to vent they do not like him.. They are starting to LOOK at politics and policies, and are not liking what they are seeing..
    For the most part its been the same..

    I do feel that feelings will easily spill onto the streets .. because people will only be pushed so far.. It happens at intervals throughout history.
    How it pans out who can say.. But let us be clear.. No one person ALONE is putting Bills through Parliament or Congress .. Laws are being past by other members who were voted in .. So what you said earlier in your post struck a cord about the voting in of your Congressional Representatives etc.. They are supposed to represent their constituents ..

    I will add one more thing to my own soap box Val, lol.. is that until WE change our ways of being, then our communities will not change, our governments will not change and our countries will not change. The World will not change.
    It is time to take stock, look in the mirror at what is reflecting back at us all..

    Love and Light dear Val.. Missed you.. xxx ❤

  2. As you know, I’m to your right …. but way they than GOP wingnuts. … No fun having clowns on one side and jokers on the other

    • Bwwwaaaahaaaa Frank. Do you know I actually have seen a sign pointing left, 🤡 right 🃏. I tell you, the longer I watch the more difficult it becomes. I have folder of half written ‘things’, not sure yet what they are. Can’t bring myself to.lift the hood and peek under the covers of this American Horror Story.

      Hangs head, weeping.

  3. That’s what I’ve been saying about the Democratic Party for years now! They’ve essentially abandoned Texas and have been playing too nice for the past 20 or so years. I think they’d have more credibility – and respectability – if they’d at least made an attempt to impeach George W. Bush for lying about the Iraq War. But, as usual, they opted to take the “high road” and tried to act professional. That got them nowhere! Remember the nauseatingly upbeat 2004 Democratic National Convention? The one where everyone smiled, while the Republicans tap-danced on the graves of the 9/11 victims?

    As I’m sure you know, Val, a federal court recently recognized the fact the Texas GOP deliberately gerrymandered congressional districts in the state in a concerted move to thwart the voting power of non-Whites. I could have told them that and saved them the time and money they spent on studying the mess. But what does the Texas Democratic Party intend to do about it now?

    We need another Howard Dean-type leader for the Democrats, instead of the saccharine Charles Schumer and perpetually-grimacing Nancy Pelosi. Where are the Roosevelt / Truman-style Democratic giants? We need them now more than ever. But I won’t hold my breath anymore. That only gave me heartburn.

    • This my friend is why I have not been affiliated with the DNC for more than 20 years.

      Honestly, as much as I abhore how we are dragged into Iraq, not sure it rose to the standard needed for impeachment. This continues to be my problem, we don’t really understand what that standard is so we want what we want.

      Maybe we should really look at the utter corruption at the ground and work our way up.

  4. “HOW did we get here?”
    This is what I am asking, too.
    HOW THE HELL did we get here?
    I shall NEVER call this man my President.

    LUV U. X

    • I have been asking the same thing, but the reality is he is THE POTUS. We may despise him but we must stop acting like hypocrites, stop acting like our opponents of the past eight years.

  5. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Neither party deserves our respect right now.

  6. Well, if we don’t want candidates passing purity tests, we’re going to have to get used to less than ideal candidates – like Clinton, for example. 🙂
    Although, even purity tests won’t guarantee that an ideologically pure candidate can run a good campaign.

    • X, I want candidates that are going to do the right thing for the nation and make good decisions, not lock us up in ‘do nothing’. I want candidates who have the ability to negotiate compromises, you know sound legislation that may not get me everything that I want or everything that the other guy wants but doesn’t lock the nation in gridlock either. I want to see Congresspeople and Senators who can honestly say, “I personally am pro-life, but my personal standard does not affect my support for Planned Parenthood or my belief in a woman’s right to make choices in her life that are good for her or her family.”

      Hilary was by no stretch ideologically pure. She was purified in retrospect. She was sanctified in retrospect. She and the DNC decided ‘it was her time’ so she was cleansed.

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