Touch and Go

Dawn pushes through the slates ungently

Demanding tender attention

Rolling away from the day, captivated

Reveling in sparkling heat

Stroking skin with a lovers touch

Savoring the slow build

Basking in the languid stretch of time

Enchanted by silken movement

Relishing the lack of compelling necessity

Chasing fulfillment be met

Only over time and as rising need spreads

Creating soft sighs of desire

Dawn broken through sleep chased out

Dreams captured in memories

Damn, empty bed



  1. Nice twist ending 🙂

  2. Sweet reverie ❤

  3. I didn’t see the end coming but you had me going thinking lovely thoughts! You are back in fine form, Val! Cheers!

    • You know, I didn’t see the end coming till I wrote it. But it was the right ending. Poetry is just what flows from our soul, sometimes dark sometimes light and sometimes something in between, like this one. Thank you for your words and your visit.

  4. You know I’m a big fan of your poems … so this one had me going … well, until the painful ouch at the end.

  5. That last line is painful!

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