Lessons Snap

As part of my attempt to clear clutter in my office and find the many individual pieces of a story to weave into a tapestry, I found something else. I found something I had posted in the early days of this blog and it resonated with me, reminding me again, what I know in my head and heart to be true.

Especially now, it was good to revisit and good to be reminded.

Hard Lessons Learned – December 2011


  1. Number 6 is FABULOUS! Xxx

    • The funny thing about #6, it applies to many of the people I know. If you gathered up the my friends, well we are all pretty smart so natch it would no longer apply. But when it is a group of strangers, we are back to #6 again.

      I found you in spam by the way. Damned Spam

  2. Loved number 9

    • That one is important, given I spend a great bit of time in the muck of politics I have to remind myself of that one frequently. I try always not to offend, but it is hard sometimes.

  3. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Loved it, Valentine. The lessons are SO TRUE.

  4. Val I am glad you shared this again… Its always good to revisit an old friend as we are shown the way 🙂

  5. Glad you reposted as I missed it.

  6. Loved it then. It is still all true. Every syllable.

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