FTP 3 Frightened

The glow of the mirror created a halo effect. Hair mussed, shades lighter than both brows and lashes, creating a strange dichotomy. She glares at her reflection carefully searching, starting at her widows peak just beginning to show her dark roots.

“I need an appointment, today!”

“I said TODAY, Dammit!”

Relieved, she presses End. Frightened by the view, she has made another appointment for more Botox injections to fill the evidence of age, at 35.


Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the amazing Red of M3 fame

This week’s word is Frightened. The word limit for January is 75 words. This one comes in precisely at 75.


  1. If we can love ourselves – we are on the way to loving others for what they are. This might not resonate with all – but hey, this is what I believe and live by.

    Incidently, I am balding and think nothing of it – no hair implants, no wigs and certainly don’t keep my hair long and sweep over.

    • I think women are much more susceptible to pressure than men, though men are not entirely left out of the hype. My dad was bald at a very young age, I always liked bald men!

  2. Poor lady. I want to shed a tear for her.

  3. I love this. At forty-two I’ve yet to go under the needle, but only because I hate….needles. =|

  4. Well, this is a change of pace.
    I’ve kinda been thinking of botox cheeks lately. All those high cheekbones can’t be real in Hollywood. I suspect, however, I’d look fake.

  5. Acckkk Botox…don’t get on that bus

  6. 35? What? How did I miss that? now what? wait..botox..? oh never mind ..whew I was stuck on the roots.. I need to do mine and they got mixed up in my head..
    good job.. I think you nailed it. I wish I could remember where I saw that pic.. lol..
    ok dont; mind me ,,,cept I mean, that I am here..:-)


  7. Well, there’s definitely something wrong if you have to do it at age 35. Perhaps she’s an aging starlet? In any case, you have me intrigued. I love these challenges.

  8. I never plan to have botox. I like the natural look for women of all ages 🙂

    • I am actually not adverse to the idea. To me it is a whatever floats your boat thing. I have permanent eyeliner because I am simply to lazy to put it on everyday. I have colored hair because I like to change the color. I have tattoos because I like them. I have manicures and pedicures and acrylic nails because they please me and my own won’t grow.

      I actually have no issue with what we choose to do or not do. It is the when and the why.

  9. Great… “thirty-five” says it all.

  10. Oh wow … vanity maximus. 🙂

  11. singleworkingmomswm says:

    Wonderful piece, and exactly who I will never become, even at the ripe ol’ age of 39! 😉

    • We are so touched by the pressure to remain ‘young’ and ‘attractive’ these days. Are they synonymous? If we pay attention to media one would certainly think so. What do you think she is truly frightened of, I wonder.

  12. I didn’t realize you knew my neighbor!

  13. Excellent! xx
    Botox? I have nothing against it, babe.

  14. Frailty, thy name is vanity. Brava, sister.

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