FTP 7 Contemplative

The cold of the floor seeped through her thin dress as she lay prostrate and contemplative before the altar on her last day of freedom. Tomorrow her family would watch as the sisters sheared  and covered her head with the white and blue veil. They would hear as she spoke her vows, marrying God and joining the cloistered Sisters of Mercy.

The bells thundered, it was time, she along with the aging Sisters she would be joining filed into the church where the priest waited to take her vows. She knelt before him, her head uncovered for the first time since she was fifteen, as Mother Superior gathered up her hair. Suddenly the young novitiate leapt to her feet, “NO, no I won’t, I can’t”.

She ran, out of the church and past her watching family, stopping only when she could no longer hear their angry calls.


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This week’s word is Contemplative. The word limit is 150 words. This one comes in at 147.

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  1. I commend those who devout their lives in service Val, but I shed tears at the same time…. You should try your hand and fiction Val for you write very well….

  2. So vivid. Not being Catholic, I know nothin about this ritual of becoming a nun. Still, I was rooting for her from the beginning; had a feeling she’d escape. Something about lying prostrate in a thin dress. 🙂

  3. A ‘novice’ no more. Ha! I knew it. I KNEW it. It’s all about the hair. (giggles loudly)

  4. I hope she has no regrets!

  5. Thank God she was set FREEEeee! xx

  6. a fine example of painful indoctrination and self realization.

  7. very well written. Could see it unfold in front of me like a movie

  8. A much happier ending than the alternative!

    • Indeed, if you do the math she is somewhere around 25 and has been there for 10 years. Likely put there by her family. She is likely an extra daughter. Wonder, what century this is?

  9. I want to know what happens next!

  10. Sounds like some massive family pressure put her there in that embarrassing situation.

    • You think? I think so to since it requires a minimum of four years as a novice and they don’t accept novices until they are eighteen. She has been there since she was fifteen. Ouch.

  11. Awesome! Good on her! Killer flash, my sweet! xxx

  12. Whoa – you had me sucked in and then spat out – and I mean this in an appreciative way.

    Love the twist in the end. Leaves much to dwell on.

  13. So much to contemplate in so few words means well done!

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