Flash: Reservations

Lines are long for a Sunday night; people fidget, children act out from boredom. Everyone watches as flights change from on-time to delayed or cancelled. Anger is palatable; in the Red Carpet line, a lone woman stands serene.

True approaches the desk, ahead of many waiting far longer than she, the agent politely greets her, “may I assist you with your reservations?”

“Thank you.”

Transaction complete, True saunters through security past lines. A riot ensues.


Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the amazing Red of M3 fame

The Hot Flash word is Reservations. The word limit is 75 words. This one comes in at exactly 75


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  1. I’ve seen True in my travels. True is in the “million-mile” club. True is priviledge, and to the rich go the spoils. 🙂

    • You might just have hit the nail on the head! That million mile club means she has slogged through a lot of airports over the years and stood in a great number of lines!

      Ask me, I am in the 3million mile club.

  2. Me think True is organised! 🙂

    Hi Val, just on a catch up AGAIN!… lol…… I had a great May Day I got wined and dined on my special day … And to top it all.. The SUN shone! something of a rare thing here this Spring.. So me thinks Spring is well and ‘True’ly Here 🙂
    Hugs Sue xxx

  3. Sometimes earned perks. Sometimes not. Which is which? This is an intriguing Flash in the Pan, Valentine. I’m grinning AND scratching my head. What could be better, EH?

    • Could be she just paid for a first class ticket, or you are right she has flown millions of miles. who is to know standing in line waiting. Who is to know just looking at her.

  4. Another way to look at it is that work hard successful people produce capital which employs people so I don’t see any reason why they should not get some perks for making that contribution to a nation, and I’ve always lined up with the herd as I worked for charities all my life and they don’t pay well. lol. The Russians tried through Communism to make every one equal but it made 99% poor and enslaved while the party heads still enjoyed all the perks of the Capitalists, but there was one major difference. The west enjoyed some limited form of democratic freedom while Russia had none. I feel quite differently toward those who by inherited title loaf around and spend money from estates they inherited without making any contribution to society at all. They are on my personal hit list. I may join the riot if I see them getting special treatment. rotfl

    • You and I are of similar discontent. But True, she is of a different type, I suspect we will see her unfold now and then in flash fiction. She is a mystery.

  5. I picture her so smug…sauntering along ahead of bystanders…doing her own thing. I think she’s cool. I think she thinks she’s cool, also. I wonder what it would be like? I love these flashes! XOXO-SWM

    • True is strange, I think she is unaware of her affect unless she chooses to wield it. I am glad you enjoy these, I like them as well, they lighten up the mood.

  6. For some reason, what I love most is that her name is True. A name that strikes me as simple, elegant and entitled. Great piece. 🙂

  7. “True” gets ahead with a reservation! But wait, I have reservations… heheh 😀

  8. Great post,Thank you! for sharing it for us- Have nice day:With love maxima

  9. I get it Val!!! Very nice. that was fun

  10. Intriguing – at one level, I see the advantages enjoyed by the privileged.

    But if the flight is delayed/cancelled – what aircraft is she boarding?

    I’m missing something, Val – could be the late hours here – help me out 🙂

    • Not all flights are cancelled. Not all flights are delayed. It is just a busy day at the airport. Lines are long and she is one of the elite travelers who is able to bypass those lines.

      • Okay, got it, Val – thank you 🙂

        I was out under the hot sun all day and am downing a few beers – that might explain it.

        Turning in for the night 🙂

  11. Gray Dawster says:

    Obviously True is a lady with riches aplenty,
    a status of high wickedness too but we will let
    her off this time 🙂 lol

    True is truly cheeky though 😉
    have a lovely day today Val 🙂
    Andro xxxx

  12. That’s what I call a true diva. I’m over here hatin’ a little.

    • No hatin’, she may have earned her place on that carpet you know. Miles and miles of hard travel, hard days away from home. Never hate without knowing that back story my friend.

  13. Ah ha … so who is True? A celebrity? Someone nice? … and we won’t know.

    • True has shown up before in other Flash Fiction. She is someone I love and love to periodically write about. I will never tell Frank, never tell all her secrets just pull the curtain back a bit to let her pick out and wink. Nice? Well you be the judge.

  14. Fiction? I’m thinking that this is maybe “true story”! Love it!

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