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The Wild Child returns or was it truly the Prodigal Daughter

My annoyance is at a high point, really, I don’t tell others what to do with their lives I would prefer if others would show me the same courtesy. I am going to rant this morning; I might even descend into raging. This may indeed be one of my off the grid, not so politically polite vents. If I offend you, well not going to apologize for it.

Let me say up front, I am a smoker. I have been a smoker for 45 of my 56 years on earth. Yes, you read that right I started smoking when I was eleven (11) years old. I quit one time in all those 45 years, it was the most miserable two months I spent. Smoking is part of who I am. I enjoy the taste of my cigarettes. I enjoy cigars too. Hell, I was shot because I stopped for cigarettes. After I was shot, I had to give up drinking for the most part, the one vice I kept? Smoking!

I am not stupid. I fully understand the risks and I accept them for myself. I also happen to know, I do not have a genetic predisposition for any of the normal outcomes of smoking including cancer.

Don’t smoke? Good for you, if you never smoked even better for you really. If you are an ex-smoker, you did a great thing for yourself, you quit when you were ready. There you see I can be polite. Now, please keep your non-smoking / ex-smoking opinions and self-righteousness out of my face and air space.

It is already true I cannot go out for a meal and enjoy coffee and a cigarette afterwards. The non-smoker brigade has stripped me of that pleasure. It wasn’t enough for restaurants to provide a segregated smokers section, no indeed you wanted more dammit you wanted it all. Then you went after bars and billiard rooms, now I can’t go play pool and fire up a cigar while I rack’em up and play. Another tick mark on your side, never mind smoky pool halls were once de rigueur or that they are privately owned not public places and you could choose to not patronize those that allowed smoking.

I just spent a week looking for a hotel in Duluth, MN for a two (2) day stay, I looked at my normal chains, nothing. I looked at some others, nothing. I looked at three stars, then two stars, then even one star nothing. I thought maybe it was Duluth.

After my search yielded terrible results, I called Intercontinental, owners of Holiday Inns and other properties. I am an Ambassador member of this chain, supposed to yield me privileges, not so much. I asked if their holidayinnproperties were now smoke free and was told yes, they were moving that direction, while some of the older properties still allowed smoking all new properties would be smoke free. New properties included properties that had undergone renovation.

I will be cancelling my membership with Intercontinental and moving all my points to my airline miles, currently I have over 100,000.

Marriott_NoI wasn’t really shocked when the Marriott chain went entirely smoke free. This was years ago and after all it is owned by Mormons, why wouldn’t they take the first opportunity to jump on the Smoke Free bandwagon. It should be noted, their Asian and European properties are not smoke free, only the North American.

When they went smoke free I moved all my points to airline miles, at the time I had over 800,000.

On average, I stay in hotels 170 days per year. Yet the on-going campaigns of vacationers have driven many hotel chains to become “Smoke Free”. This creates unsafe environments for women who smoke, forcing us out of our rooms at night onto city streets or unguarded front entrances for a cigarette. There we are, huddled on a bench 50’ or more from front entrances out of the light and unseen by the front desk  the perfect target for perverts, rapists or other unsavory characters because you want to make certain entire hotels are smoke free and could care less if we are safe. Your drive for smoke free hotels for your 5-day vacation has created an extremely high-risk situation 170 nights per year for me.

I smoke. It is my choice to do so. I don’t smoke in your house nor would I ever think to do so. I don’t throw my butts on the ground; I have an ashtray in my car. When I smoke outside I make certain I am not near a crowd, I stand downwind whenever possible and throw my butts in the nearest bin.

You don’t own the public parks though you want too, I know. When you stop driving your cars and polluting the air, I will consider not sitting on a public park bench and smoking. My taxes, by the way pay for that bench. My taxes from cigarettes, my hotel taxes in your cities as well contribute to your parks, roads and other comforts.

I don’t complain when your children rampage up and down hallways when I am trying to work or sleep. You are on vacation, your 5-day holiday and I understand you might not be up to controlling your monsters. I don’t complain when you’re next door having that party you always wanted, I get it really I do. It is the first time you have been away from the family and the conference is great, free alcohol and that girl you met at the bar looked great after your seventh martini.

What the hell though, why is it you insist on smoke free hotels? Is it really too much to ask that I am allowed a room somewhere in the hotel with an ashtray? Up to now most hotels put their smoking rooms at the end of a hall on a single floor usually in a place well away from other rooms. Why can’t you be satisfied with that? Why do you need the entire f’ing hotel?Kickm

In fact why do you need everything?

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  1. Val….as a smoker too (also More menthols like you) I feel your pain. But a bigger problem is when entire states go smoke-free it often includes hotel rooms along with bars, restaurants, etc. That’s the case in my state, Wisconsin. MN may have the same rules. I’m sure some hotel chains would like to keep smoking rooms but are not allowed to.

  2. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    Wow, interesting read, Valentine, & you have every right to be upset, I reckon.

    Truth is, if I was told I can’t drink at certain restaurants – I wouldn’t go there. But if I couldn’t drink at ANY restaurant – well, miserable.

    I have never “understood” smoking because it’s inhaling crap, but I understand drinking (taste) which is ingesting crap, so the most I can do is view what you say from a drinker’s perspective. I think it’s fine if hotels reserve you an area to smoke. Smoking isn’t nice to a nonsmoker because it wafts over, stinks, invades. Drinking doesn’t do that (so I’m lucky) but I guess the drunks waft over, stink & invade, so… yeah.

    Just to say I appreciate your post!

    • I agree, smoking invades others space in public areas. This is why I don’t mind enclosed public areas being non-smoking. Doesn’t bother me in the least.

      Yet, the same could be said in public areas that serve alcohol, if they over serve the outcome is just as annoying to those of us who do not enjoy drunks. As you say, they waft over, stink and invade.

  3. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Oh, one more comment I heard – not sure where – it’s the phrase (when someone is just standing like a dope in your space and/or pissing you off because they bumped you AGAIN with their giant purse and didn’t say “Excuse Me,” >>>> You can say: “Oh, I see you live on the YOU planet. Ah, yes, it’s all about YOU! Silly me.” (You can re-phrase this however it pleases you, BTW.) I find it funny.

  4. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Hey, Val, gr8 rant. I agree. Smokers, non-smokers aside, it takes away the rights of what people can “legally” do in “their” space, which can be bad. People will argue that it affects others, but really, maybe a window in the room? A smoking room in the hotel like in some airports with separate ventilation? I really don’t care. What I DO care about is everyone’s right to do as they choose and being told “X” vice (for lack of a better term) is worse than another vice. “They” (and who ARE “They” anyway?) make these decisions for money. Period. (As you well know.)

    PS – Europe (except for the van driver – man, that is ridiculous!) AND…Vegas, baby! Just got back. There are smoking floors in the best hotels there. And the lobbies, and the hallways, the spas, and the restaurants, and the stores…you name it. Everyone keeps going back. 🙂

    • I simply resent the idea I must hand over my money and then be forced into discomfort or being not safe. The simple truth is a woman at night on a city street or even in a suburb is not safe alone. This is ridiculous.

      Provide smoking rooms, keep guests safe in the rooms we pay for.

  5. Valentine, I don’t smoke, but I think I understand your frustration. The problem is that while hotel rooms can be designated as smoking and non-smoking room, they will still share a ventilation system. And I’m sure the hotels were only too happy to accept smoke-free status, because they probably save a few bucks on cleaning, fire insurance, and keeping designated smoking rooms that non-smokers will try to avoid. Still, I don’t see why would it be so difficult for a hotel or an office to set aside a designated public smoking lounge with a separate ventilation.

    • I honestly don’t think it would be that hard. For people like me who spend half their time in hotels this is a huge issue. As a woman it is an even bigger issue as this restriction puts me at potential real risk. It wouldn’t even be that bad if hotels had decks, I wouldn’t care I would happily step out on a private deck to smoke. Most hotels do not have private decks on the rooms though and many that do have gone so far as to say you may not smoke on the deck either. This simply goes beyond the pale.

  6. I agree 100% with you, Val. Laws keep piling on until the smoker is a virtual criminal, yet the product is still legal. Why? Because of the tax revenue every, mother-lovin’ governmental body wants to rake in off this vice. I’ve often thought that smokers should get to vote twice in every election. Given the extra $$ they pay, anything less is taxation without representation!

    • It is a strange issue. I actually understand the non-smokers position, can understand not wanting to work in a smoke filled office or fly in a plane filled with a smoke. I get that and thus doesn’t bother me having restrictions. It has always bothered me that private business owners such as restuarants and bars couldn’t decide for themselves whether to offer smoking, I have always thought this should be up to them their customer base will drive them to a decision based on profit.

      This issue though, this one and the issue of outdoors really bugs me. I guess, like you I am at the point where I simply think they need to simply put their stake in the ground. Make it illegal, stop the product from being sold in the open market. Yes, we will all miss our vice and we will all whine. But then ultimately it will be done and they will have a smoke-free nation. All the states will have to find something new to tax, what will it be next?

  7. frigginloon says:

    In OZ they are trying to ban parents smoking in cars with children.

    • frigginloon says:

      Oh and all cigarette packaging now looks like this

      I kid you not.

    • There are some that would like to do that here. There are some that would also like to make it illegal to smoke in personal homes (rentals).

      Personally I think they should just bite the bullet and make it illegal. Just think, they could spawn whole new underground industries.

    • Loon surely that is a good thing? Jan had lung problems through working in smoking environments and chain smoking parents who both died of lung cancer. Watching someone cough up pieces that resemble chopped liver is not a pretty sight. I nursed Jan’s father till he died. Terrible death! I think the packaging is adequately designed and if deterred my son in any way I’d be happy. I find it hard to get angry at positives. I embrace this positive as for hotels stopping people smoking in the rooms, well who wants to sleep in that room the next night.. only another smoker. I suppose the hotel chains are relieved their expenses for dry cleaning curtains and furniture will be cut too. Tobacco smoke just gets into everything. No it’s a great thing for all concerned. Fortunately none of my friends smoke and when their kids come over a couple of them do smoke and are happy to go outside and clean up their butts afterwards too. I’m not even a reformed smoker and I hate it with a passion. Walking 50 foot away is an issue that patrons have to take up with management. Here in Oz smokers are treated worse than lepers but stats taken are proving that it’s a winner and it’s here to stay. I’d like to stay healthy, with healthy lungs and a healthy heart. This makes it all the more attainable. I actually do care about the consequences.

      • And as I said, everything isn’t about you. My personal opinion? If you want to pay for my hotel room, which you are not in then you can tell me what to do in it. Since you are not paying for it then you should not have a say in what I do in it. Hotels, which collect my money.. that is 170 days at approximately $190 per night, rounded up without taxes $32,300 per year I spend on hotels. Since most people do not spend anywhere near that much I guess I simply believe I have a greater stake in the discussion.

        Yes, I think hotels should accomodate their guests, all of them. Not by putting them at risk by demanding they stand 50′ from the door in the middle of the city. But by setting aside rooms specifically for those of us who smoke.

        You woudn’t be put in one of those rooms. Only I would. Only another smoker. Since you don’t travel away from home (as you have stated in previous posts) your opinion really doesn’t hold a great deal of water, really isn’t relevant to the discussion at all.

        I smoke. I choose to smoke. I pay taxes through my smoking. I also travel in my work. I pay taxes in that way as well.

        Your health is on you. My smoking in no manner affects your health. I don’t smoke in your home, your car or other public domains. Your consequences are within your control. Kindly stay out of my consequences unless you plan on paying for them.

        • celticqueen1 says:

          As you said you are angry and that’s loud and clear. I was answering Loon’s posts too you know it’s not all about Valentine Logar either. I wasn’t really worrying about who had the greater stake in this discussion as I can’t see a smokers only tab. I do travel within Australia and I stay in hotels where people smoke. I don’t actually live in a bubble Valentine.
          I also agree you need a room set aside to smoke to your hearts content. I actually thought smoking was good for your nerves but I’m obviously wrong about that too. Thank God I didn’t take it up.

          • You were posting in my house, you do recognize this is my domain? See that domain name (Valentinelogar.com)? I pay for it with my money, something you might want to note when you post here. It is mine. Not public, not belonging to WordPress, not Loons but mine. So when you post here with your opinions, you are posting in my house. Doesn’t really matter who you are addressing, you are still posting in my house. This is not Facebook or any other public domain, it is mine.

            Don’t like my response or my attitude? Don’t post in my house. I allow your post out of courtesy. However, if you are incapable of showing same or recognizing this as my house I will simply remind you. Just like you ask others to smoke outside, well this is a smokers house (mine) and thus my rules apply.

            • I appreciate your restraint. I would have long since blocked this tripe. What is most irritating? This troll claims to have been up close and personal with a person who died of lung cancer yet has no operative knowledge of what causes lung cancer.

              Just remember, she has been drinking the Kool-Aid long enough to believe all that propaganda. Perhaps, natural selection will leave the smokers behind and let them all die of their own stupidity.

              At least this trip, there will be safety in numbers.

  8. I remember smoking at my desk, then later, huddling outside the backdoor of my workplace, no matter the weather with others with similar vice. Later again, distance from the back door was extended to 50 feet away. I quit about 20 years ago. Now I hear there is no smoking in parks at fairs, festivals etc.

    I so understand the 50-foot distance is a DANGER as you describe in your post. I wonder if the thinking might not be that you have been given a choice: you CAN smoke, but only over THERE. The choice is yours. I’d hate to hear something bad happened to one of the hotel guests. After all, this is still hotel property, is it not?

    I also remember when smoking was allowed in hotel rooms, then not. Have that many of the population really quit smoking?

    • We still exist, we are still out here and we still spend money. The idea that we should have to leave a hotel room in the dead of night and walk 50′ from the entrance so we can have a cigarette is beyond idiotic. As is the no smoking at parks and other outdoor festivals. I can certainly understand not smoking in lines, fine. But then accomodate those who smoke by providing for them.

      They still want our money, our custom. They simply do not want to provide for those of us who continue to choose a legal vice. Well drunks bug the hades out of me and cause far more problems, when are they going to stop them?

  9. I can see your point, Val. I was just thinking about this yesterday as my husband and I stayed at a hotel resort over the weekend. I was in the restaurant watching the smokers walk the required feet away from the building to smoke every few minutes.

    I smoked for a short time in college, but I never was addicted. My dad was a chain-smoker and most of my brothers smoked at one point or the other. Back when I was a kid, I remember my dad smoking at the grocery store! Times have changed.

    I don’t see why smoking in your own hotel room is such a horrible thing though. As long as you’re not exposing nonsmokers to secondhand smoke, it shouldn’t be such an issue.

    • Hotels have always had the ability to segregate rooms. They have done so for years. The non-smoking properties are ridiculous, wanting our money, but not wanting to fully accomodate us. For someone who travels a significant amount (not just vacations) this is a true sore point.

  10. I totally agree with you.. I’ve never smoked – because i saw how much money my parents spent on cigarettes, and decided to spend my money on other things – but I think everyone has the right to smoke if they wish.
    The city council here are debating abut making it illegal for people to smoke outside, and I said to my husband they should make alcohol illegal too, it causes much more damage. Hospitals seize the opportunity to try to get patients to stop smoking, and I think it’s outrageous… smoking for some people is a comfort, and when they;’re feeling comfortless in hospital, it’s appalling to undermine them by judging them and pressuring them.
    It makes me really sad to see people huddling outside in the cold having a furtive smoke.
    I’ve already written to the local paper, about the latest move.

    • Someday perhaps I will write about the day I woke from my coma and demanded a cigarette. It actually is a funny story. Hospitals in the US have been smoke-free for more than 20 years. I actually see the point of this.

      Some things I get, don’t mind at all. It is a terrible habit and bothers many. I get it and it is why I am to the best of my ability a polite smoker. But hotels? Really this is going to far.

  11. I’ve never smoked but never minded if anyone wants a cigarette in my presence (my sister is a smoker); generally I think ex-smokers tend to object the most

    • Generally my friend, I think this is true. I do understand the issue and try hard to be polite, but this, this whole I can’t even have a hotel room with an ash tray, this just pisses me off.

  12. Val. You are beautiful when you’re angry

  13. I don’t think I knew that hotels were going smoke-free, and, you’re right to rant. I don’t quite see the point of not offering rooms, other than for fire safety, I suppose. There have been a few fires set over the years by people falling asleep, or passing out while smoking. So, maybe that’s the idea behind it all.

    I was a smoker… smoked from age 18, to age 38. I can’t say that I feel any better, or any different, or that food tastes better, or all those other lies they tell you about how you’ll feel when you quit smoking. And, I still CRAVE smoking, especially when I’m stressed. I’m glad I quit. Although, maybe if I hadn’t quit, I wouldn’t have started drinking… who knows?

    I won’t tell you you should or shouldn’t give up smoking. I always swore that I would never, ever be one of those vile Reformed Smoker Nazis.

    I think, though… smoking is a pleasure that’s on it’s way out…

    • I can tell you right now this has nothing to do with fire safety. The number of fires started by smokers is minimal. This has to do with hotel chains surveying their customers, mostly vacationers and asking whether they should eliminate smoking options. Since smokers are in a minority the answer always comes back yes. Never mind, those of us who do smoke are usually their bread and butter, that is the business customer.

  14. That’s ok, Val. Find your happy place. I used to smoke – Camels unfiltered at that! – but gave it up voluntarily more than 20 years ago. I’m glad they made nightclubs and restaurants completely smoke-free, but I see your point about the pollution thing. I personally don’t care what other people do in the privacy of their own homes, as long as it doesn’t impact me directly, and I certainly don’t go around proselytizing about the dangers of nicotine consumption. That’s your business, if you want to smoke.

    • But I am not talking about restaurants and bars. I am talking about hotels. Where I pay to stay, which in fact is private space. Which in fact if I must leave that space and stand outside 50′ or more from the front entrance puts me in a very unsafe situation. This Alejandro is complete BS. There is no reason for it.

  15. I’m a non-smoker. Tried it a couple of times in the army and that was enough for me. So am glad there are some places where I can enjoy not getting second hand smoke in my lungs, however you have a good point. The air in some of our cities is so polluted it probably is more dangerous than the tar in your cigarettes. I remember living in Mumbai (it was Bombay in my time) and having a lung scan only to be asked by the doctor if I was a heavy smoker. LOL. It was all that factory cotton waste from countless sweat shops in the humidity ganging up on me. Some of our western cities are not much better. My grandfather was a smoker all his life and lived to just under a hundred. However as you point our there are risks involved if you have that unlucky gene pool but as an individual you have a right over your own body and the choices you make.

    • Ian, my mother, my father, all my grandparents, my aunts and uncles and most of my siblings; we all smoke. It is strange. Up until I was hurt I also ran, never had any issues. Still don’t have any issues. I get it, I do. My risk my choice. Is it a bad one, yes. But there are plenty of bad ones out there, this is mine. Could I choose differently? Yes. Someday I might. But not today. I simply find the ongoing march of laws and rules around how smokers are treated, especially when it comes to things like hotels to be BS. I am paying for the room I should not have to go outside in the dead of the night, walk 50′ away from the front door on a city street to have a smoke.

  16. I don’t know, Val…their just plain selfish I suppose, but I’m sure they would say the same about smokers. Everything seemed to be just fine with only part of the hotel areas to be for smokers…so we thought.
    I’d just boycott all the hotels that no longer want to accommodate you. After all, you are a paying customer.

    • I am certain they say the same of smokers Deb. Except I am not asking to smoke in public areas, bars, restuarants or other spaces. I am only asking why non-smokers are demanding entire properties must be smoke-free, why paying customers must be without even rooms in which we can be accomodated.

      They want our money, I have already received an e-mail from the marketing VP of Interconteninental asking why I am cancelling my 10 year membership / relationship with them and moving my points. What they can do to earn back my business. Telling me they value me as a Ambassador Member. Well, clearly no they don’t.

  17. I’m sorry, Val. In high school I tried smoking cigarettes a few times. Made me dizzy, so it never stuck. I remember when they used to allow smoking on planes and in restaurants. It really made it uncomfortable for those who didn’t smoke. On the flip side of your argument, why should non-smokers be forced to inhale the smoke? The smoke didn’t miraculously stay in the smoking section. If it had, it would never have become an issue.

    You know who smokes? My dog, Henry. And I can’t get him to quit, much as I try. He doesn’t technically “smoke.” He eats cigarette butts like crazy. I never noticed until I started walking Henry when I first got him, but there are tons of cigarette butts everywhere you look. Few people are like you and don’t toss them on the ground. Probably most do toss them. I’m worried about his health because of those darn butts.

    Anyway, be thankful you don’t live in California. We have the toughest laws against smokers and probably have some of the highest taxes on a pack of cigarettes than anywhere else in the country. If it makes you feel any better, we have the toughest laws on car emissions too. We’re fanatic about our health, it seems. 😉

    • Except I am not complaining about resuarants or even bars. The non-smokers win, whether I think they have a legitimate argument regarding private establishments or not, they won that one.

      I am complaining that I must pay $150+ per night for a hotel room and must leave that room and go out into the street, stand 50′ or more away from the front door on a city street to have a ciggarette. That puts me in a very unsafe situation in which I could be mugged, raped or otherwise harmed. Simply so non-smokers can claim entire properties for their own. My smoking in a hotel room which can be filtered does not harm non-smokers, this is especially true where those rooms are segregated, which they have been for years.

      I spend up to half my nights away from home in hotels. So now I must spend some amount of my time unsafe, on city streets simply to satisfy those who don’t smoke? Is that reasonable?

      We are taxed. We know the risks. Frankly, this campaign is out-of-hand. I try to be respectful of others, but would love it if others were at least somewhat respectful of me. I am not asking to smoke in homes, restaurants, bars, planes or other enclosed places where people congregate. But really, outdoors where the air is free be reasonable provide for all members of society remember we contribute to the tax base and in places like California, significantly.

  18. As an ex-smoker, who got to smoke everywhere I wanted to (including one time the “smoking section” of an airplane), I always feel for current smokers. In my day, I know I was judged for smoking, but nothing like what happens now. I don’t understand why even parks are off limits. Where is there left to go? It sounds like you are a very respectful smoker in terms of not blowing it at anyone (I was the same way). Take a good drag for me, next chance you get.

    • I remember smoking in planes (I always sat in the non-smoking section and walked back). I am old enought to remember smoking anywhere and everywhere I pleased. I get it, it bothers others. I don’t even smoke in my own home (except my office which is set up to suck air out) because I live with a non-smoker. But really, isn’t it just going to far?

      I hate drunks, is anyone preventing them from ruining my day? Stopping them from drinking in hotels? How about from getting on planes with me? Or better yet getting in their cars and killing someone, the answer is no.

      As to the issue of public parks, last I checked I am part of the public. This one along with the ‘smoke free’ hotels just pisses me right off.

  19. In the Uk, like America, the self appointed guardians of our health have the upper hand. New laws were passed making it illegal to smoke in any work place. That includes any work vehicle. There was a local butcher who had a very small delivery van. The owner didn’t smoke never had done. He was fined by the local authority for not displaying a no smoking sign in his own van, in which he never took passengers. He had to pay £250. If he had lit up a smoke instead, he would have only been fined £50!

    • That one is more ridiculous than I can comprehend. Private property yet has to put a sign up saying no smoking? Then pay a fine when he doesn’t, gad.

      I thought you all were more sensible over there.

      Far as I am concerned, they ought to just make tobacco and all tabacco products illegal. Create a damned underground market like old time prohibition (you know how well that worked). Or make tobacco products class 1 drugs, they are afterall addictive then they can build more prisons and rehab centers here in the US.

  20. Val smiling as an X smoker aged 18 I gave up. Two years I smoked 20 a day from the age of 16. Hubby smoked until he was 40 yrs from aged 9 and quit. Lol 🙂
    Smiling as I think now that’s all off your chest you should go light up another cigi. 🙂 smiling as I can feel the heat from here!
    Lol. Love to you from my mobile X

    • My problem Sue? I don’t want to be an ex-smoker. It is my only real vice remaining. I love the taste of my fags, love waking in the morning to my first cuppa and smoke. Just don’t want to quit. Maybe someday, not today.

      I don’t know that it is off my chest. I could go on. The very same people that demand I don’t smoke, demand I give up my right to smoke in a hotel room I pay for or in a park my $$ pay for, yeah them also want to demand their rights to carry guns, drive huge SUV’s and any number of other things that are not good for my health.

      • My hubby finally gave up due to that fact. He felt an alien in company. Now though he cannot stand the smell of cig’ smoke.
        H and S rules are now a fact. I do sympathise ! Those cig I smoked all those yrs ago I too enjoyed. So fully understand X

  21. I’m not a smoker (but I have my fair share of vices)…but I agree with you. Smoking doesn’t make you a bad person and it doesn’t mean you need to be pushed to the back alley to exist. People suck. And you just pointed out quite nicely, why.

    • I bought a pool table so I could play at home, but since my dearly beloved doesn’t smoke I can’t even smoke when I play at home…..bah!

      People do suck sometimes.

      • ughh….that does suck….outdoor pool table? I’m not sure about that being weather appropriate, but mightbe fun in the summer!

        • I converted my “formal” living / dining room into a very cool gameroom with wine bar. It actually is quite nice and it is the first room of the house. So doesn’t entirely suck.

          • haha….yeah…there seems like there is a little bit of AWESOME there…my front room is a playroom with my great grandma’s dining set (yeah, I know…antiques being stored in the same room my kids’ store their toys….probably not the smartest thing in the world) I might need to visit just to enjoy some adult space!

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