Winter Flash – Delirious

Delicious ran newly calloused hands up legs encased in silk, praying she would get the seam straight without a snag.  Slipping on low-heels, she stared in the mirror turning checking her appearance, frowning.

‘I should be just coming in, not just waking’, she thought.

“Delicious, you ready honey?”

“Yes, I’m coming right now.”

“You look great, no one will ever know what you used to be, are you happy?”

“Delirious George, let’s get to church.”


It is a new season, time for a Winter of Disturbing Flashes. Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the remarkable Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!

The word this week isDelirious with a word limit of 75. Delirious comes in at 75.

Hashtags: #flashfiction #getpublished with @RedmundPro

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