Remembering Chris Keith, aka “The Adventures of a Thrifty Mama”

Another woman, a mother and her son touched by violence who ultimately lost their lives, leaving three other children behind. This is the face of domestic abuse. Please read and if you can help, please do so.

Poor as Folk

I “met” Chris through my Facebook page for my personal blog crazy dumbsaint of the mind and I in turn become a fan of her blog Adventures of a Thrifty Mama in the City ‘Stead, and then later we got to know each other outside of blogging. For those  who don’t know how online friendships work, they might be confused when I call Chris my friend. Online friendships are funny things and sometimes it happens that the people you trust online with your experiences  and thoughts are these people you’ve never even had so much as a cup of coffee with.

Chris & I had a lot in common. We were both struggling to feed our families real food on a food stamp budget and defied being stereotyped as “welfare mom living off the system”. We both were striving  to create a sustainable  and secure food sovereignty for ourselves…

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  1. This kind of stuff makes my heart ache, makes me contemplate how many women, among us, suffer under the weight of domestic violence and the pressures of not being able to adequately provide for themselves and their children if they are to flee abusive environments and relationships. Makes me consider how quickly one’s circumstances can change as a result of job loss, medical diagnosis, or death of a family member.

    There are far too many faces of domestic violence. Another mother, another child, both preventable losses. Under the weight of poverty, abuse, and under-regulated gun control, another family succumbs to tragedy. Chris sounded like a very thoughtful and necessary voice/face of America.

    • She was a lovely and often very funny voice. I read her, not often enough. Her loss, terrible leaves young children without a mother, without a brother.

      You are so right, this is yet one more silent example of all of the horrifying outcomes of domestic violence. Yet we still turn our backs, still shrug our shoulders.

      I am heartbroken for this family.

      • I will see to it, on my end, that I don’t turn my back–that we don’t turn out backs on her. I’ll partner locally to continue to raise awareness about domestic violence, as well as other issues including hunger, and such. We cannot remain silent.

  2. Gray Dawster says:

    This is a very sad piece my friend an something that happens all too often. It is not enough to say that these things happen without something being done to prevent it, and i hope that one day this kind of story will be a thing of the past.

    Andro xxxx

  3. Shit, THIS is tragic! I misunderstood from the tiny bit of the post I read.

  4. I will definitely read the post, Val. And I DO understand online friendships. I’ve met 7 of my blogging buddies in real life–SO fun!

    Thought about you and wondered how you’ve gotten along with all of the ice. Don’t fall!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  5. frigginloon says:

    That is heart breaking beyond belief. Chris Keith was a soul so desperately needed here on Earth. My heart is full of tears. 😦

  6. Oh Lord. Yup. Personal liberty has no bounds, does it. RIP Chris.

  7. Devastating.

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