Winter Flash-Mental

“Say my name.”

George stared at her dumbfounded by the demand.  Say her name; he thought that was what he had been doing all night.

“Say my name, dammit.”


She stared from across the table, steam rising from the coffee mug mingling with smoke from her cigarette.  After a long minute without a single word, she stabbed her half-smoked cigarette out in the overflowing crystal ashtray, her hand shaking.  Rising from the table, she dumped her coffee into the filthy sink and made her way down the narrow hall leaving George staring after her, twenty minutes later she returned dressed.

She stood before him a lost sadness in her eyes, before picking up the heavy ashtray and with precision hitting him squarely across the bridge of the nose.  She watched as his nose flattened and his eyes swelled shut.

“Are you mental?”

“No, but my name is Rose.”


It is a new season, time for a Winter of Disturbing Flashes. Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the remarkable Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!

The word this week is Mental with a word limit of 150. Mental comes in at 149.

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  1. singleworkingmomswm says:

    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for an ashtray right now! I’m jus’ sayin’…Totally spectacular Flash! XOXO-Kasey (P.S.-Just getting caught up on reading your posts, and my arms are reaching out and giving you a huge hug right now. More later on that….)XOXO-Kasey

  2. Gray Dawster says:

    I love this one Val 🙂
    Right on the nose with this one…

    Andro xxxx

  3. That’s One name I’d say he will never forget in a hurry again! 🙂

  4. An ashtray makes a great weapon and used to be readily available!

  5. An Ordinary Man (the novel) says:

    I’ll bet he still doesn’t know what he did to deserve that. And that she doesn’t know that.

  6. He must call all them Honey … and it has finally caught up to him.

  7. AirportsMadeSimple says:

    Hi Val! Just wanted to stop by and say hi – and say I hope you have some great time with positive and supportive people during the holidays. That sounds weird and clunky, yes…:) Not sure what else to say. Know we stand behind you and wish you the very best and I hope 2014 is a better year for you. If I don’t talk to you before then, we’ll talk later! Cheers, D

  8. I would have hit him too.

  9. I think he was saying the wrong thing in his sleep. Don’t mess around with a wounded woman. lol

  10. And she wonders why he dumped her —-

    Oh well —-

  11. This reminds me of a joke. An old couple has company and the husbands are in the living room while the women are fixing dinner in the kitchen. One old man says to the other, “We tried that new restaurant last night and it was really good.” The other old guy says, “What was the name of the restaurant?” And the first old guy thinks and thinks, and then says, “What’s the name of the flower – the red one with thorns?” And the other says, “Rose?” And the first guy says, “Yeah, rose.” And then yells to the kitchen, “Hey Rose, what was the name of the restaurant where we ate last night?”

  12. Well, that’s one way to make someone remember one’s name!

    By the way, I’ve been reading some of the flash fiction in ‘Follow the Path’ and enjoying it. 🙂

  13. Heisenberg!!

  14. Oo_oo_oo.
    Ouch. I bet he’ll remember her name but never see her again. Ha ha. Fantabulous!

  15. LOL warning to all men out there. Get it right.

    Wanted to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and happy holidays, dear Valentine! xoxo

  16. SAY MY NAME!

    Love! Xxxxxx

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