Adult Warning – Over 18



Awakened, muscles tight and skin glistening from a dream

Your face eludes me

The lingering touch of your fingers though is not unfamiliar,

My skin remembers the touch of you

I feel the tips of your fingers tracing the underside of my breast,

 Your thumb across the tip of my nipple just the way I like it, how do you know

Your lips, soft on the spot where my shoulder and neck meet,

Your teeth bite just hard enough, drawing out first a sigh then a soft moan

I still feel you settling over me, while your hand traces the line of my waist,

With your other hand, you hold my hands above my head keeping me still

Finally, you kiss me forever you kiss me and the world spins away,

My hips unhinge and rise to meet you with that forever kiss and I am undone

Awakened, your face eludes me

Your touch though, when finally we meet I will remember

Valentine 24-April-2014

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