The storm rumbles above

Menacing on far horizons

White capped waves roll ashore

Erasing my presence with each crash

I stretch towards jagged lightening

The wind scourges me clean

Pushes me towards the unknown

As it pulls me from all I was

Away from you, from your grip

I am drifting above the vortex

Spotless, with only a memory of pain

Doors slam behind me, audible and shattering

Ahead tinged with pinks and gold

Futures call my many names

A demand I choose

How can I elect just one of the many

The Protector, the Provider, the Lover

Who will step forward to Be

As silken chains fall from me into the maelstrom

I become nomadic a drifter

Just me, my monsters

My memory, which is gentler

Than you were




  1. So beautiful . . . such imagery. I particularly love the lines: I am drifting above the vortex

    Spotless, with only a memory of pain . . .” This gives me chills. This is one of your best.

  2. Val so good was this, it set my arm in goose bumps, as I read not only your written word, but felt in some way your heart.. I wish you well in Becoming as we all ‘shift’ ourselves away from the past as we cast away the chains of the past..

    Beautiful Val..
    ❤ Sue

  3. Monica is right – it is rather gothic but hauntingly beautiful also. Silken chains…all good images. Well done and one of your best. Cheers, Val!

    • Thank you so much. I think much in my soul is pouring out right now, some which maybe I am afraid to touch otherwise. I touch it here and then examine it in the light of day.

  4. Full of imagery … love the cleansing by the storm, then the willingness to accept self.

  5. So gothic, so mysteriously arduous. Nice, Val.

  6. Stunning.
    — your words soak into my bones. xxxx

    • I am grateful, I am always grateful when you read and find something that touches you. You especially, you touch me always so touching you puts wings to my heart.


  7. The nicest thing I have read this morning; gave me goosebumps

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  9. It is beautiful..

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