Three Dangerously Blind Mice

Rottenecards_3711530_xd6br5b52tSpice is nice but Incest is Best’.

If they are going to do this rather sick and nasty act, I just wish they wore protection.

You know, put a raincoat on, prevent conception. Do not under any circumstance visit the products of their choice to keep it in the family on the rest of us.


Next up on the hit parade I have the triplets of ignorance and religious strife. Christian stupidity at its best or worst as the case may be. If ever there was ever a case for Atheism it would be these three.

Kim (the law doesn’t apply to me) Davis, Rowan County, Kentucky Clerk and self-elected martyr to the cause of civil rights denial.

Mike Huckabee, GOP Presidential Candidate without a clue, past Governor of Arkansas and Baptist Minister.dangerousmice

Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, GOP Presidential Candidate, Junior Senator from Texas, immigrant, Pentecostal Bible Thumper, Tea Party Rabble Rouser, Government Hater and Shut Down Organizer.

These three on the surface seem to not have much in common other than their God Love and in the case of Huckabee and Cruz their pursuit of the highest office of the land, but in fact they have far more in common than not. Let me explain.

All three believe the Constitution is not the ‘Law of the Land’ and should be ignored when it doesn’t align with their worldview. All three believe a Dominion doctrine that places literal Biblical interpretation above secular law of the land. All three believe their religious ‘rights’ trump your and my legal and civil rights, every single time and without recourse. Were it within their power we would all be living under a Christian Taliban, believe me it would look very much like the most conservative Middle Eastern country under Muslim Theocratic rule, democracy would be thrown to the curb along with Civil Rights.

All three believe the following based on their version of Biblical Law:

  • Women should not have access to Reproductive Healthcare or Abortion, Constitution be damned
  • Marriage is between a Man and Women only, Constitution be damned
  • Keep Christian God in the Public Sphere, Constitution be damned

As to that third troublesome bullet, they also believe this nation was founded by Christians was designed to be a Christian Nation for Christians. They are clearly without a foundation in history. Ignorance can be corrected with education however, one must be willing to learn, these three are without a willingness to learn, clearly. These buffoons are ignorance personified, their desperate need for attention at any cost, certainly at the cost of other peoples civil rights is frightening.

All three are now or have been in the past elected officials. Think about that; give that a moment to sink in. These are elected officials who would refuse to grant civil rights to you or I simply based on our gender, our sexual orientation, or religious affiliation or lack thereof. These elected officials would refuse you or I access to health care, this is especially true if you are a woman in need of reproductive healthcare up to and including abortion even to save your life. While you may not agree with abortion, it is the Law of the Land that I have access to it, that it is my choice and that it is none of your damn business.

Mike has real issues with women and their reproductive healthcare.

Rafael Cruz and Reverend Huckabee both believe women shouldn’t be paid equally, do not have the right to demand equality in the workplace. Both believe women have a place in society, at home bearing and raising babies. This of course flies in the face of the fact Rafael’s wife worked quite lucratively for Goldman Sachs, I suppose it only applies when it is the rest of us.

Just in case we need any further reminder of the absolute and utter ignorance of the good Reverend Huckabee, this Presidential Candidate believes that Dred Scott remains the Law of the Land. Yes, he truly believes this, forgetting amendments 13-15 which fully undid that ugly piece of our judicial history. But you know, why learn about the Constitution when it doesn’t suit you, kinda like picking and choosing which parts of the Bible you will apply; right?

While Kim Davis is making $80K being a twat and not doing her job. This weekend she will be receiving the “Cost of Discipleship” Award at the Values Voters Summit, sponsored by the Family Research Council. Yes, them also known as FRC and listed as a Hate Group by the ACLU for their frequent attacks on the LGBTQ community (oh big shock there) and others this is the primary sponsor of the Value Voters Summit. This is where Rafael and Mike, along with all the other clowns from the GOP the clown car will gather this weekend to see Kim receive her award for standing for her principles to collect her government check while denying the Civil Rights of the citizens of Rowan County.

While I could likely write thousands of more words about these three throwbacks to another time, I will stop here with the simple comment; not only do I wish their parents had worn protection, barring this I wish the education they disdain had sunk in and truly I wish they had not bred either. It is truly unfortunate they are training up another generation of hate filled, biased, ignorant bigots.

A little of what Rafael thinks the problem is.

Rome burns. These pseudo Christians hold the lighter and fiddle while the cinders smolder. We are doomed if we don’t open the floodgates and drown them all soon.


  1. I’m convinced those three are singlehandedly trying to push us back into the Stone Age. Ugh…

  2. Well Val, we have our own opinionated politicians on the front row.. But I am so Soooooooo Pleased we have not got these running for election over here.. They wouldn’t last long I can tell you..

  3. These three really disgust me! Davis may be manipulated by the religious fanatics such as these two men. Cruz is simply dangerous! Huckabee wants to keep women (and their libidos) down. Notice how there seems to be no responsibility for men to take some responsibility for birth control? Well written, Val! Oh, an only the non-believers vote according to Cruz! I am ashamed he is from Texas.

  4. Their influence seems disproportionate to their minority position within the total American population. Their power is derived because they represent a significant, dependable voting block within the republican party. The republican party is losing the civil war between the establishment adults and the tea party Christian conservative folks. It is a scary time..

  5. Perfectly stated. Just today, I was speaking with someone, and I flat out – talking about Cruz and Huckabee – they are just plain stupid. Nothing fancy. That Davis – she is truly in her own world – certainly not ours.

  6. Even the late Barry Goldwater (a right-wing hell-raiser, if there ever was one) once warned about religious leaders infecting American politics. And that was some 40 years ago! A lot of this mess started with evangelical Christians who thought the U.S. was becoming undone because of the various civil rights movements of the 20th century; hence groups like the Family Research Council and the Texas Eagle Forum. All of those self-described Christians apparently forgot two principal tenets of the Bible: one about not judging people and the other about treating people the same way you’d want to be treated. Then again, maybe their brand of Christianity doesn’t subscribe to those beliefs.

    • The inability for these Pentecostal / Evangelical Pseudo Christians to remove the plank from their own eye is both terrible and comical. It is fascinating to watch them.

  7. Scary, isn’t it? Can they not look around them to other countries and see what ruling with religion causes? Or look into our own past history? Church and State are separate in this country for very good reasons. The fact we even still have the debate is disheartening.

    • They have shown time and again Carrie, they are unable to tell how their behavior is consistent with the worst of those who are the devils incarnate elsewhere in the world. They cannot make that leap.

  8. I find it quite interesting that President Cruz would use that unconstitutional Executive Order process to issue Executive Orders to eliminate the Executive Orders of a previous president…. These folks really don’t get how much like a dog chasing its tail they are.

    • No, they don’t. What is ‘Unconstitutional’ for this POTUS and bordering on Dictatorship and all sorts of other things, will they would jump on that for themselves.

      They are foolish in their blindness.

  9. And that’s also why people like Huckabee and Cruz are also against contraception, abortion, and secular education – because, you know, you let people partake of all that, and next thing you know, you’re running out of bigots.

  10. I don’t give any of these three (or the flock) much credence – thus why I only give them several sentences. They want a theocracy – which won’t happen. They think they represent all Christians – the don’t – and not even close to the majority … and neither of these candidates will be elected president – let alone even get the nomination.

    • Frank, you say it won’t happen yet we grow closer all the time. With corporations able to determine what they will and will not allow their employees access to through insurance the employee must also pay a significant amount for as just one example.

      With every single one of the current crop of the GOP presidential candidates swearing they are the ‘best’ Christian and telling their flock they will govern with the Bible first and the law second. With some of the candidates saying there is no place for other faiths in this nation and no one taking exception.

      No Frank, we are closer than it seems because no one is willing to take them on. This is the GOP today. People will vote for a GOP candidate because they forget this isn’t the Republican Party of their fathers day and look at what we get, in the House and Senate…just look.

      Not close to a majority? Perhaps not, but they don’t need a majority to win Frank. They simply need the majority to stay at home.

      • We agree to disagree. Personally, it would be best for the Republican party and the country if Ted Cruz won the nomination … but that won’t happen.

  11. Excellent post! Instant reblog … Thx for sharing this with us.

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    STOP HERE!! This is a must read … Huckabee, Cruz & Kim Davis! How alike, narrow minded and dangerous they are!

  13. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  14. I read a scholar’s definition of the The Old Testament somewhere – Bronze Age Middle Eastern literature that people are basing their conduct and behaviour on, some thousands of years later !

    • I wouldn’t have such an issue Valerie, if only they were consistent in their standards. You know, if they want to be literal in their interpretations then apply all the law and apply it to themselves first. Remove the plank from their own eye.

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