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No excuse for found courage

I step bold from your shadow

Audacious in my demand for light

Stamping a tattoo on hard ground

With each lift and fall bells jangle

Hips sway and command a rhythm

Meant for me but beat in another time

Chains loosen; fall away to red dirt

Skirts lift and swirl, blown by warmed winds

Swept aside by my own hands

Making room for the roar and passion

Head thrown back, uncaring of the watchers

Breath drawn across desert parched lips

The bells locked on ankles as a claim ring

With each step, each movement they plea

Clarion call of my captive heart

To another unseen, unknown

To quench the fire left burning




  1. Magnificent.. I wanted to dance the Pasodoble, You danced it wonderfully with your words dear Val.. 🙂 excellent.. ❤

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    Such passion.

  3. beautiful x

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    Amzing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

  5. I have enjoyed your blog. The poetry is alive and strong and worthwhile thoughts.

  6. I’m with My Inner Chick–WOWZA

  7. Poetry, my dear, is your forte. WOW. xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Thank you. Poetry, is my release into the universe. I am always humbled when others find anything worthy within my words. Thank you my lovely and loving friend.


  8. Excellent! Xxx

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