Safe Passage


With the ferocity of gale force

You wrapped around me

Lifting me up and tossing me

Against fears and expectations

Dreams and nightmares unexplored

You whispered in my sleeplessness, be still

Rest yourself in these arms, in safety

I tossed, turned and whimpered

Crying out to be released

Still you didn’t let go, holding on

Tangling yourself against me

Like angles and demons

We fought for supremacy

First my body than my heart

The ground we desired as our own

I shivered, longing to give all

Even while I battled your dominance

The scarlet of my tears

Past lives bled out in visions

While you wrap me in cool sheets

Soft whispers of peace and safe passage

No more fear, no more pain

Only here, only now and only this

You are beautiful and mine

When you give yourself

Say it is so, only say it is so





  1. Past lives bled out… truly. I read what you wrote and heard “bled out” as a verb. Fabulous.
    xxx ❤

  2. Val, this is beautiful! I had to put down my coffee cup and sigh after reading it! The imagery throws you back and forth between fear and calm and you’re left to fully exhale. Loved it!

  3. Outside the storm of Barney is raging away.. and here I come to another stormy passionate embrace… LOVED it Val… the rise and fall of it matched almost perfectly the wind and rain lashing upon my windows 🙂
    Loved this line “Past lives bled out in visions”… Loved all of it.. 🙂

    Would that we all could have safe passage… Love and Hugs dear Val… xx ❤

  4. You do tussle very well … and this one with a peaceful ending … well, at least to me.

  5. May it be so for you!

  6. Another beautiful verse, you really ought to think about the wall art

  7. Very sexy! I love your words.

  8. ***No more fear, no more pain
    Only here, only now, and only this…***

    your words take my breath away. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Very pretty, Valentine.

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