I beat my heart into submission

For your smile or agreement

That I was beautiful in your eyes

My shoulders thrown back

In defiance of the hurt delivered

With the disregarded plea of see me

I learned to walk with a sway

Each step an invitation to you

Sent back unopened, unheeded

Today I am without tethers

Gravity released its earthbound hold

Floating above need or demand

Safety once found in your arms

Entangled in each breath taken

Now blows me free on cool winds

Once you were my beacon

Guiding me down dark pathways

Coaxing me, stroking away fears

My own darkness unbound

Needed no enticing or invitation

Only an offering of the key

That you wasted with played games

Thinking it was yours not mine

Nights I rested on your chest

Your heartbeat my lullaby

Mine not quite in tempo, always behind

I beat my heart into submission

You wanted more, with cold eyes

Demanded a slaves heart

I stood up in the cool wind

Spread my wings of darkness

Soared above your need

I was free and light

My heart dominate and unconquered




  1. May you always fly high dearest Val and may you never be tethered but always Find Freedom within your Heart’s Desires.. ❤

  2. Freedom is wonderful ❤ Love you xxx

  3. ***I stood up in the cool wind

    Spread my wings of darkness

    Soared above your need**

    WOW. WOW. WOW. xxxxxxx

  4. We are steadily becoming, aren’t we? Especially women. We spend a good part of our lives seeking our freedom, finding our voice – the ability to nurture our truly free spirits. Then we become tethered and sometimes entangled via relationships, and find that freedom we once valued encased again. We begin again to unravel that. We do re-center ourselves somehow, “free and light” as you say. I think we emerge even better, my friend. Beautiful. And now to fly! Untethered.

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  6. We should all be so lucky to find a beacon like that.

  7. Hope you had a nice holiday, Val.

  8. Beautiful!!

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