Lambs to Slaughter

635522618755355850-AP-Women-In-Combat-001My people, my people. My fellow Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, do-gooders, my sisters and feminists in the trenches ….what the fuck is wrong with you?

Yes I just said it and now I am going to explain it.

Women in combat. I cannot be silent on this one any longer. Those of you who believe we, that is women, should do anything and everything men do can demand my Feminist card be returned in the mail immediately and I will send it back postage due. The fact is men and women are different, we simply are not the same. Some of those differences are of course socially imposed, I get that and agree. Yet, some of those differences are natural, they are bone, spirit, heart and mind; they are the truth of our being.

Yes, I know many nations have had women in combat for decades, if not more than decades. The problem is, if you look at their records you will find there are very few women actually serving in combat units. I fear we will not follow these vanguard nations, no we will instead throw young women to the wolves both our own and those of the enemy.


Tammy Duckworth

I grant you, some women want to be warriors. Some women want the privilege of standing up and fighting for this nation. Some women can earn that privilege with no special quarter given, they should be able to do this with no walls or glass ceiling standing between them and their dreams. Those women who have this wish, should be given every opportunity, without barriers including the right to advance to the highest levels in every branch of our military and I say more power to them.

With this being said, are you aware the Generals have asked that our daughters just like our sons should be made to sign up for Selective Service on their eighteenth birthday? Did you know Armed Services Committee of Congress is considering this, so far there has been NO decision? Do you know what this means? Do you know if a Draft is reinstated your daughters, just like your sons could be called and they will not be given a choice where and how they serve?

Is this what you want for your daughters?

Maybe some of you are too young to remember Vietnam and the Draft. Maybe you don’t remember thousands of flag draped coffins being unloaded every night on the news, coffins filled with young men who didn’t want to fight and die on foreign soil, in a war they didn’t understand or didn’t agree with. Maybe some of you are too young to remember, I am not.

While we don’t have a draft today, who is to say we won’t have one in the future. Each of the GOP Presidential candidates want to build a bigger, stronger military so who is to say one of their solutions wouldn’t be to reinstate the Draft, so all our children, all our sons and daughters could be cannon fodder for their dreams of World Domination. Keeping in mind, it won’t be their sons and their daughters, just as none of them ever served a single day fighting or bleeding neither will their progeny, but yours and mine, yes they will fight and they will be returned without limbs, unsound in their spirits and minds or in flag draped coffins.

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What is wrong with us, by us I do mean women in particular but all of us in this nation?

Why do we sit idly by as our nation is torn apart and say nothing? We do we sit idly by as our children are put at risk and say nothing? What is wrong with us?

We are not the same, the genders are different physically and emotionally. I am not ever going to change my position on women in combat, I do not believe they belong. If a woman wants to be there, can perform in these positions without putting others at risk I will support her right to do so, but I don’t believe it is a natural setting either physically, emotionally or mentally for most women.

I have two young grandsons and two young granddaughters, I don’t want any of them to ever see a war up close and personal. Not ever. I want those I love to be safe. I want the next generation to have futures that are bright and full of promise unlike those of my generation who returned from the rice paddies and jungles of Vietnam broken, addicted and forever changed.

I am bothered that neither of the Democratic candidates have addressed this issue. I think we all should be bothered as the election year progresses that these issues go under the radar and no one says a word. The GOP stomps their feet and screams bloody murder to the infidel. The Democrats stay silent.

Silence is not golden, it is a death knell.


  1. I agree with you. I was in the Army for 15 years. There have been woman in the military for a long time. Combat soldiers are rare. Less than 1/4 of the soldiers. Need other soldiers to supply bullets, food and water. All soldiers must fight in certain situations. Some woman can be combat soldiers and some men can. Combat soldiers learn blood and death. Not a wonderful lesson to know.

    • For anyone John, I don’t want anyone to have to know this particular story. But I fear for us all. Truly I do. I do not believe those in charge today will make good choices given the opportunity to take all our sons and daughters. They have proven in the past to be indiscriminate, with more fodder I think they will be worse.

  2. I know the sick feeling I got when my Son wanted to join the army.. I was so relieved when he failed his medical, I know I considered joining the ‘WRAFs’ Womans Royal Air Force when I was of age.. But that was because I wanted to leave home and felt I had no other choices..
    Thankfully things turned a corner and I didn’t pursue my application, but I had everything lined up to join..
    While I am not a US citizen, I would not like the thought of my Granddaughter being forced into conscription..
    Our roles while wanting equality can do more good focusing our energies on Peace and Unity, not on fighting and combat ..

    And yes I remember well the horrors of Vietnam and the average age of those killed were just 19 years Old..

  3. I wouldn’t like to see my son or daughter sent off to fight. But if there was a war that I believed in, I guess my daughter will probably be as competent to fight in it as my son, in perhaps a different way than he is. There are very few such wars, though.

    • I think this is the point, the genders are different. Women have always served in some capacity. I do not have an issue with women serving, even in combat if they are capable and can pass all the requirements without special accommodation given.

      I also do not have an issue with women registering for Selective Service, however in the current environment it would be dangerous, for all of our children and that is why I have an issue. Just like in the last draft there was no discernment. All were thrown into the mix, nearly all were put into combat whether they were qualified or not. Unless they could get a deferment or special consideration, all were cannon fodder. This is what I fear.

  4. I agree, Val. Even in squeaky clean Singapore many of the current politicians did not serve real military – like I did and all the other ordinary men did. There is talk about getting our daughters into the military draft. Damn these politicians!

  5. You have hit upon a hot topic, Val! Interesting to read comments. I agree with you in the fact that women should serve where they are capable and if they choose to serve there. But I don’t really understand why they would want to serve in combat. I was aware of the possibility of women being required to register for the draft. I lived through the Vietnam War and do not want to see the draft brought back for any of our young people.

    • That is exactly my point, which seems to have been missed by so many. Interesting that so many didn’t read that bit, isn’t it?

      I am fascinated by our ‘progress’ to the point where we refuse to see the genders as truly different simply to avoid offending. Who would we offend? I am not offended by our differences. I am offended by our lack of equality and equity. I suppose though, this is lost on so many.

  6. I actually don’t know how I feel about women in the military, but your exchange with Joseph was definitely entertaining! I only know that if we go back to a draft, the rich shouldn’t get any special exemptions–one for all and all for one or whatever.

    • I have no issue at all with women in the Military, none. I think there are many roles they can fill with great honor and leadership. I don’t truly have an issue with them in combat roles, with the caveat they want to be there, can pass the training with no special accommodation given and do not ask for special treatment once there.

      If people had actually read what I said. I don’t want anyone to be Drafted. I don’t want anyone in combat positions. That is a different issue altogether though.

      I believe strongly that men and women are different. I also believe strongly that this nation and most especially those in power, would use our sons and daughters as cannon fodder. I do not want my granddaughters in that pool until such time as the Selective Service Registration is indeed more ‘Selective’ across the board.

  7. I agree. It appears many of your readers think you are in favor of drafting men but not women, and I don’t read it that way.

    Any thinking man and woman would be hesitant about going to war. But if a draft is necessary to secure our freedom – because the world is a damn dangerous place and there are nut-jobs everywhere – then I think it makes the most sense that women are drafted into support roles as opposed to combat, because the sexes are different. Of course there are exceptions; physically strong warrior women who want to serve, but the logistics become a nightmare.

    The desire for equal opportunity doesn’t mean we get to ignore the physical reality that we are different.

    • That is precisely what I tried to convey. I apparently did not do so. I have no issue with women serving. I have no issue with women being included in Selective Service Registration. I have a very real issue with the current state of affairs and indiscriminate women drafted into combat roles. I have this very real fear because I do not believe for an instant this won’t happen.

      I don’t want anyone drafted. I don’t want anyone going to war. But I especially do not want women in combat where they are physically not fit to serve and thus would put others at risk.

      • To put Selective Service into greater perspective, note that men who are only sons or only children still have to register. Even men who have children by the time they turn 18 still have to register. And on top of that, men who are physically handicapped must register, if they’re able to get up and leave their homes under their own power. Thus, if handicapped men have to register, so should able-bodied women.

        You’re absolutely right in that physical attributes differ greatly between the genders. But, if men in the military have to go into combat when called upon, women should be required to do something similar. Ask any enlisted woman and I’m sure she’ll quickly tell you that she’d be more than eager to go into the front lines.

        Turn this whole thing around and apply it to other aspects of life. If women allegedly aren’t capable of handling themselves combat, then why should they be allowed onto a city’s police force or fire department? If you’re afraid they might buckle under the mere psychological pressure of military life, then why take the chance a woman won’t respond so emotionally as head of a Fortune 500 company?

        I believe in complete and total equality among the genders. Women are better at some things than men, and men are better at some things than women. That doesn’t mean either gender is superior to the other. It’s just the way we generally are. We were meant to work together to keep society functioning. It’s almost laughable when I read about our “Founding Fathers” because many historians don’t think about our “Founding Mothers.”

        Several years ago a female colleague at the bank where I used to work commented that women aren’t capable of being president because “we have too many emotional problems.” Even I thought she was crazy! I was the only man in the group when she said that, but I refuted her claim. Yes, some women may be too emotional to be president of the U.S. or any country. Hell, some men are too emotional!

        I do like your suggestion that everyone fulfill at least 2 years of service, either in the military or in their community. After all, if someone wants society to work for them, they have to be just as willing to work for it. Change often does come from within.

        • I clearly did not make my stance clear enough. Women and men are different. This is a statement of fact, it is not an emotional issue. It is a genetic issue. Women are genetically different than men. They are not physically the same. This has nothing to do with their minds, their intellect or even their competency. It has to do with their physical competency and capabilities. Let’s start there.

          The rigors of combat require physical strength. If a woman can do what is required, fine more power to her and I support her desire to do what she wishes. My stand does not change however, women overall do not belong in combat positions. Women in combat positions, except in rare circumstances place others at risk.

          As to Selective Service Registration, if it were not for the ignorance of the way in which the current structure were, I would have no issue whatsoever with all 18 year old’s registering, in fact I would be fully in favor. I think the idea of all members of society serving in some capacity makes good sense. I do not want any person being sent into to combat though. I especially do not want women sent into combat where I believe they do not belong, for obvious reasons.

  8. I would not agree with girls being drafted any more than I do boys as you say it takes certain qualities to fight on the frontline but I do not think that anyone who has the abilities and the desire to do so should be stopped because of their gender, yes in modern warfare tradionally it men who fight but history tells us women are more than capable think Boudicca and the Iceni but more than that I know plenty of women who have proved they are both mentally tougher and will fight to protect their children with a ferocity that only a mother can understand so maybe all armies around te world should be comprised of women then maybe fewer wars would take place

    • Yes Paula, the entire time I wrote this I considered those women. Yet and still, I considered all the other women the women who do not have the emotional fortitude to sit to pick up a gun and kill a stranger for no good reason. I think what would happen to those women were they taken prisoner, rape is at the top of my hit parade and most of us wouldn’t survive gang rapes over long periods of time.

      • But surely the same can be said for plenty of men also, and rape is a weapon which historical has been used against men in war as well, I am not for one minute saying that all women should be forced to serve but I also stand by my assertion that no man/boy should either, those on the front line should be there because the have the requisite mental strengths to do what is needed, look at the young men in your life, how many of those could you honestly say could pick up a gun and shoot someone, for no good reason, how many could live with doing it even if they believed in a reason? Could they live if they were pinned down and raped? The reality is male or female is irrelevant, it takes a certain type of character to want to take those risks, to believe in a cause so strongly they step forward. I just think the argument should not be that women cannot be drafted but that no one should be drafted, and that no person who is not mentally and physically suited to combat of any gender should ever find themselves on the front line.

        • I think I said clearly, but obviously not…I don’t want anyone to be forced to serve. I don’t want anyone drafted. I don’t want anyone forced into combat. I don’t believe anyone, male or female should be drafted. I would like to see the Selective Service eliminated or changed so it broadens to more public service, in which case I would have no issue with all registering.

          Maybe this message got lost in the absolute true fact that the genders are different. Women cannot do what men can do physically. Women cannot pass the physical standards of the military training, in most cases and those standards are there for a reason. If those standards are changed all are endangered.

          • Think we just have crossed wires I was not suggesting you want anyone to have to serve my point was more about the fact that many of the excuses about why women cannot serve on the front line apply equally to the vast majority of men, now I do not personally know any women who have fought on a front line but I do know several who have served in our navy over here, (remember I am UK not US so a few things might be different), to advance in their careers they had not only to be as good as the men they served with but better because of the bias they faced, and I therefore apply the same mentality and hardships to those who serve in any aspect of the armed forces, but also the fact many women are already on the front line under the same risks and stresses albeit under different banners, ie medics, bomb disposal etc I am not for one minute advocating women going to war just because they are women and demand equal rights as such, I just think we are now in an age where we understand the human psyche so much more that we should have a better criteria to decide who is fit to serve than gender, to push the point a little further I guess should someone’s sexuality be considered? Mental health issues? Physique? I guess all I am trying to point out rather badly is that I think gender should be removed from the equation completely and individual suitability made the key factor, trust me I work with several young lads in retail and bless there little cotton socks but I know for a fact I am mentally and physically stronger than some of them in the twenties despite being twice their age, there are a couple where if a strong gust of wind messes up their hair they have a mini meltdown lol

            • Paula, yes. However, my premise started out with one key factor.

              Men and women are not the same. Very simple. Very factual.

              We need to stop pretending we are the same. We are not. We have never been and we will never be. We are not physically the same. We are not mentally the same. We are not emotionally the same.

              Yes, some of these differences are socially imposed differences. Nurture versus Nature. However, some of these differences are not socially imposed, they are our nature and we all need to accept this is the case and stop pretending they don’t exist, they do exist and to pretend otherwise is hurting all of us, whether with respect to this issue or other issues.

              Yes, I would like to see both men and women kept out of combat. Yes, many men are unsuitable for combat positions just as some women may be suitable for these positions emotionally and if they can hold up to the physical conditions and wish to pursue these positions, I am fully in support of them doing so.

              Nevertheless, I am tired of turning my head and saying we are not different. We are.

  9. I remember when Selective Service was reinstated in 1980 by President Jimmy Carter who has always been viewed as a man of peace. I grew concerned about the draft itself in 1991, when the Persian Gulf War started. I was 27 and definitely of draft age. Many people who are appalled by the thought of women being forced to sign up for Selective Service, or even drafted, somehow seem to be content with the fact men have been compelled to do that for decades. Selective Service is the most blatant form of sexism in the U.S., next to the death penalty. It essentially makes young males cannon fodder. Failing to register for SS can prevent men from getting an education or even voting. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of women coming home in flag-draped coffins, then don’t say you have no problem with men coming home like that.

    I understand what you’re saying, Val, but it goes back to voting. Many of the people getting into elected office haven’t done some of the things they want the rest of us to do. Men can’t get pregnant, which is why men shouldn’t be crafting reproductive policies that impact only women. Hillary Clinton never faced the possibility of being drafted into war in the 1960s, but her husband did. And her son-in-law had to register for Selective Service, not her daughter. As Secretary of State in 2009, she oversaw the ouster of Honduras’ then-president, Manuel Zelaya. He had been democratically-elected by the Honduran people, but in his place is a more U.S.-friendly president. Honduras is already one of the most violence-plagued nations on Earth. If a civil war breaks out in Honduras, would a President Hillary Clinton sit in the ivory tower of the Oval Office and dispatch U.S. service personnel to quell the uprising? I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.

    I don’t know what Bernie Sanders’ view of foreign wars is, but I’m certain all of the Republican candidates would be more than happy to engage in more combat, if it meant greater access to oil.

    • As stated, I don’t believe women in general belong in combat positions. I also do not like the idea of the draft, period and full stop. The issue of selective service registration continues to bother me, for just the reasons you outlined.

      If Selective Service Registration had broader implications, beyond the military I would have no issues. In fact, I would like to see this considered. I would like to see a two year public service solution for college considered with every person having to give back.

  10. I had no idea. None at all.

  11. I agree with My Inner Chick, and the others who say that nobody should be drafted. Granted, it hasn’t actually happened in decades, but it COULD. And that has never sat right with me. I turned 18 and had to register for Selective Service at the same time the Persian Gulf War was heating up. Believe me when I say, I was terrified of being drafted!

    • I would like to see Selective Service expand beyond the military. If and when that happens I would be far happier with the idea of all 18 year olds registering. I would even be happy if they actually had to serve in some capacity for two years.

      • Currently Israel is the only nation that compels women to serve in the military alongside men. Other countries, like China and North Korea, have special military units designed for women. Women have actively engaged in military combat in various societies for millennia. The notion only men need to take up arms to defend a nation is a relatively recent one; a relic of Victorian-age sensibilities. This is the same mindset that says women aren’t qualified to do anything except have children and cook meals.

  12. The issue is quite simple. Either women have all the rights and RESPONSIBILITIES as men or they do not. If you believe in equal opportunity I do not see how you can oppose treating a class of people (men) unfairly. Selective Service registration is NOT a draft. It is simply a registration of all 18 year old able bodied (and able-minded) adults.
    At one time the US took the position that African-Americans were not of a high enough quality to serve in the military. Are we to go backward or forward?
    I have a son and daughter. My son was forced to register. My daughter was not. This was grossly unfair. My daughter has all the same legal rights as my son, but not the same responsibility. Unamerican. Unfair.
    There is no logical, mental or physical impediment that is unique to a person regarding military service based on their genitalia. There are women who would do well in combat, and men who would be awful soldiers. And vice versa.
    Can’t have it both ways. Full citizenship demands full responsibilities as well as full rights.
    All should be required to register. Long overdue. If a draft were to come, the military can easily decide which INDIVIDUALS are fit for combat and which are not. After all, 90% of jobs in the military are not combat jobs.

    • When my daughters and granddaughters have all the rights then you can discuss with me this issue. Until such time as my daughters and granddaughters have full agency Joseph, truly fuck off.

      • When you respond to me in the future, TRY CIVILITY. Your comment was unwarranted and vulgar. I am surprised at you. Now, tell me. What SPECIFIC RIGHTS your daughter does not have that my son does have, Be specific.

        • Let me remind you, this is my space. Do not ever think to come here and tell me how to respond or communicate in my space.

          When men stop trying to control women’s health choices (1).
          When women are fully equal in pay for the work they do (2).
          When women are fully represented across government (3).
          When women are fully represented in STEM because they are encouraged at young ages (4).
          When women have full access to work whether married or single (5).

          Do I need to continue? Likely I do. If you come back with any more of your nonsense, or think to attempt to ‘school’ ME in how to communicate in my space do not. My comment was indeed warranted.

          • Evidently you have quite a blind spot. You demand CIVILITY but do not follow your own demands. So be it.
            1. It is not “men” who are trying to control women’s health choices. It is SOME men and SOME women. In fact, women seem to be the most adamant in demanding few choices for women (ever hear of Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin?) As a long time supporter of abortion rights I find your stereotyping of men to be inaccurate.
            2.There are no legal hindrances to women getting paid the same as men for the same work. No law requires that women be paid less.
            3. No law exists that prevents women form running for office and winning elections if they are desirous of doing so.
            4. No law limits STEM participation by gender.
            5. No law prevents women from having full access to the labor force.
            As I said before, women have all the LEGAL rights as men, so they should be required to take on all the responsibilities as men. Sorry if gender equality is something you oppose. I don”t.
            Since you seem unable to accept contrary positions, with civility, I will no longer challenge your 1950s world view of rights and responsibilities. I do not deal in stereotypes. Good day and adios.

            • Joseph, my world view is based upon the world as it is. Whether you acknowledge the world as we know it or not, it is in fact the truth. You may sit back and pontificate the ‘law’ as you know it, the truth is nevertheless, the truth.

              Women do not have access. Planned Parenthood and other clinics are being shut down. SCOTUS has stripped women further and further backwards.

              Women are not paid. Whether you believe it or not, it isn’t an issue of whether there is a law preventing it there is an entire social structure preventing. There are more women in poverty than men, this is a social structure not a legal one. It is perpetrated by men, by society, by access.

              As to the rest, you rest on whether laws exist. You refuse to see beyond to what the social structures do to women and children. So be it. I won’t apologize for my reactions or my stances. My views are based on my experiences, they have nothing to do with the 1950’s, rather they have to do with trying to survive in the here and now as a woman.

  13. I agree with X completely. Draft the sons, daughters, cousins and siblings of the folks who send us to war. The rest can volunteer.

    But more realistically, drafting daughters might make the politicians think a little harder before voting to push on into the next conflict.

  14. Not sure what I think…
    but I know one thing: NOBODY should be drafted.
    HELL, look at Vietnam. So f*cking sad.
    Why not have the leaders get into a ring and fight it out themselves?
    Yes, that’s what I think. Get into a damn ring w/ boxing gloves.
    Afterwards, shake hands and have a nice meal together.
    ((( In a perfect world ))

    xxxx kisssssssssssssssssssssssssss for you.

  15. Almost every year after 1990, some rumor takes hold that the U.S. military is re-enstating the draft..Some military personnel even mention this subject which adds to the rumor mill. The last time the military raised the subject was to provide an argument against allowing willing, qualified women from being able to serve in combat jobs.

    This rumor popped up last January 2015 indicating that a draft would come into effect on 1/16/16.I am going to stick my neck out and say the same thing that I have said for years. THIS IS ANOTHER RUMOR!!

    There are some real issues regarding this subject. In 2015, the role of combat became an option for women. So, there is now the question, do women who turn 18 years old, now have to sign the same selective service registration form that men are required to do.

    In 1981, the Supreme Court ruled in Rostker v. Goldberg case, which considered whether it is constitutional to exclude women from the draft. The court held that it is constitutional because the purpose of the Selective Service System is to provide a supply of combat troops. But, at the time, women were excluded from combat roles.

    It is helpful to know that the President, alone does not have the authority to re-institute the draft on his own.. In order to implement a draft, Congress would first have to pass a law to authorize it, and the President would have to sign the bill into law.

    As a consequence to these developments, in 2016 there are several U.S. senators who are mostly republican who are sponsoring a bill barring young women from having to register..

    • P.S. It is a handful of generals who are raising this issue. There is still some major resistance to allowing women to serve in combat roles.This is one time in which there is strong bi-partisan opposition in the U.S. congress to any thinking along these lines.The generals are going to have to accept reality.

    • The Generals have gone to Congress and requested that Selective Service be opened. It is being considered. It has not been opened yet.

      That is why I provided the links.

      • The 2 Generals gave their thoughts at a Senate hearing on 2/2. I still believe this is a red herring. The history on the rules to register with Selective Service goes back to 1980. At that time women were not allowed in combat positions. Yet in 1980,, the issue of including women in the registering process was seriously debated. Those creating the rules specifically declined to required women to register. In any event, Senators Marco Rubio, Mike Lee, Diane Feinstein and others are co-sponsoring a bill to insure that women will not have to register.

        I am in agreement with you that if both sexes were required to do some sort of service to benefit our country in a broad sense, then this would be okay with me. There could even be an offset for college loans when young people do this.

  16. I don’t think that women should be drafted. But I don’t think males should have to be drafted, either. The only people who should be subject to an automatic draft are the closest male and female relatives of the lawmakers who vote for a war.

    • I don’t believe anyone should be drafted either, but my issue goes much deeper. I don’t believe women belong in combat, especially those women who are not physically or emotionally prepared to be there.

  17. I have no problems with women in combat. Should every women in the military be in combat? Well, my answer is the same to this question: Should every man in the military be in combat? … thus to me, the answer is No.

    • I like what Frank said here, and I feel the same. Like you, Valentine, I fully support women who want this role and can effectively perform the duties. But I don’t like the idea of anyone being forced into a combat role–male or female. If both sexes must register, it would be nice if both genders were able to be placed in an area most suited to their abilities.

    • I have issues with any and all of us being in combat, that however is an entirely different discussion.

      I have no issue with women in combat if they don’t put others at risk. If they can do the job, without quarter given. If they understand the risks and accept them. I have great issue if they are placed in combat and cannot do the job. Most women would not be able to do the job.

  18. JoHanna Massey says:

    I agree.

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    “The GOP stomps their feet and screams bloody murder to the infidel. The Democrats stay silent.Silence is not golden, it is a death knell.”
    … I think memory is very short!!
    War is only profitable for some … spoils for many. Lives don’t seem to matter anymore!!

  20. Truthfully, I am not sure what I believe on this issue anymore. I believe that just as some women may want to serve, some men would prefer not to be drafted.

    I will go further to say that many men who go to serve during wars come back damaged beyond belief. I have known these men. The trauma they have endured has changed them.

    Why would we want to do that to any of our children?

    It would be nice if the US followed Israel’s model, where everyone serves the country in some way. No doubt, some members of each gender are built to be warriors. We must be mindful about making generalizations about either sex.

    I know I am not built to endure the necessary horrors of war, but I don’t believe men are any better equip to endure them.

    I’m in a slightly more revolutionary place these days. I understand why other countries view us as dangerous. Godless, we poison people with medications we are told will make us well. We pollute the land and water with pesticides and garbage. We disrespect each other, put money and technology before everything else.

    People who come here from other countries come seeking better lives for themselves and their families find that freedom has a high price. They get here to be belittled and worked like dogs.

    Perhaps this country need to understand why other countries hate our ideologies. Time to look in the mirror and see what a terrible mess we’ve become and change our actions.

    Maybe then people won’t want to destroy us. Only then, will we be safe.

    • Yes, we have issues, many of them. I have said before I believe all should have to serve in some capacity, it simply isn’t in a military capacity. Nevertheless, I stand by my statement we are different. The genders are different and we need to stop saying they are not.

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