Garden of Dreams


Barren, my spirit cries for freedom

Fingers curled into palms, tightly

Shadows cast against pavement

My longing is first to wander alone

Until your honeyed voice called me

Heat rushed to my skin, burning me

Drawing out my ice encased heart

Soothing the storm in my gypsy soul


You draw me back with whispers

Cool wind dances across heated skin

You trace lightly my balled fists

Opening my fury with gentle persuasion

Standing before me, a gentle smile

Swells across my shadow, a blending

Coalesced we come together, softer

We move as one, a dance on starlight


The ethereal beckons us both, closer

Unrecognized now in the moonlit glow

Shadows displaced as we slip together

Remember, beauty under stars

Shredded without thought, nor care

Merged again, harder and more true

In a moonlit garden of dreams




  1. Beautifully penned sear Val.. I loved your garden of Dreams.. and the ethereal experience beneath the Moon..
    Thank you.. your poetry I so love. 🙂

    • Thank you Sue. I am so very appreciative when my poetry is read and loved. It is hard sometimes to open it to the universe, it is always so personal, my true spirit flows.

      • I love this true Spirit which you allow to flow dear Val.. it allows your masks to fall down for a time.. and reveal the vulnerable sensitive YOU of which you often push aside in chastisement.. But which I see hidden often.. ❤

  2. I simply love this one, Val – Wow!
    I lovely especially the visual you created with the “balled fist” – which to me was a cocktail of emotions – followed by how everything within those curled fingers found release.
    Thank you for the read,

  3. This is beautifully written, Val. I’m hoping it reflects you current life because you deserve such loveliness. “We move as one, a dance on starlight.” Lovely.

  4. Nice to see one of your poems again from your “gypsy soul!”

  5. As always,
    overflowing w/ great beauty. xxxxx

  6. How vivid your paint brush of words, Val. The longing, heat and jubilation. ❤ ❤ ❤

  7. Nice!

  8. Gypsy soul because it’s aching to wander?

  9. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  10. Rijupalika says:

    This is incredible! I can visualise it so perfectly!

  11. Some beautiful images, here, Val. I especially love this one: a dance on starlight

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