Angels, Devils and the Dance

My demons know how to dance

Experts at moving me in the dark

They have known my soul forever

Stood still and waiting, knowing me

Reaching forward, stroking my fire

Melting my ice and moving with precision

Scouring my soul, my pleas unnoticed

Peace, a memory of harmony or quiet

Different from the sound of night cries

Battering me with memories of times gone

When I willingly joined their dance

Under moonlight, in rain storms and lifted up

Skirts raised up, heels pounding the earth

Not today, no longer

Now I only ask succor, reconciliation

I ask them in the quiet first light of dawn

What will happen if once and for all, forever

I kill you, I destroy your dance

Will my angels die too?

Will I be left empty, do I need you both for my survival


  1. Sending thoughts your way dearest Val.. as I read the lines here, I know your Angels are with you, even though I know many now are fighting their demons..
    Sending warm thoughts and healing love your way my friend..
    ❤ Sue xxx

  2. WOW.
    F*cking WOW. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Keep fighting for yourself!

  4. Dear Val. I hope you can bless the devils and let them go, and welcome the angels and sing with them, love, Valerie

    • Thank you my dear friend. I suspect these was a stream of consciousness that had been in my heart for a bit. We all have skeletons and a few devils, mine just seem to be more lively lately. My Angeles, they have always been there too, always protected, always strengthened. I just wonder, are the linked.

  5. Ohhh sometimes it can seem easier to go toward the darkness, the comfort, but I want you to see angels around you, as they have a beauty all their own ~ Your poetry is stunning, as always, Val ❤

    • First thank you, from you the compliment is more than welcome and I am grateful. As for the angels and devils, I suspect I need them both, perhaps in equal portion.

  6. The comparative case. Light only exists where it is bordered by darkness. xxx

  7. Nice to find your poetry, Val. It seems a good sign even if you are fighting with your devils and angels. May you only need the angels.

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