Hope Chests











Lost in time, regrets and tears  

The distance between us viscous, overflowing

Not of gentleness but recrimination, regrets

Reaching the place where finding you

Is finding me and the vanished spaces

Dragging along the baggage you left

Emptying spaces full of touchstones

Only to find myself unable to let go

Gathering it all into hope chests

Lovingly polishing to a sheen, memories

Saving the lies as if they were worthy

Of me, of the time given of my tears

Creating excuses for your cruelty

Excusing my acceptance of thoughtlessness

Finally knowing there is a truth you told

“I do not deserve you, you are better”

“You are not good enough for me, I am too good”

Still, I love you as I turn away maybe one last time



  1. Very nice, Val. Have you found writing is both cathartic and therapeutic?

  2. One of your best, Val! It seems to reflect a strength as you lament the loss. Interesting spacing.

  3. Turning away when your heart says differently than your mind… so difficult… you capture that moment well xx

  4. Strong words from deep within the soul. My memories are going back to something, so I imagine these are been festering for some time.

  5. Beautiful poignant words Val… Love is often twisted with thorns my friend.. You I know have had your share of them…
    I send you nothing but sweet scented flowers, as you learn to love deeper as you unfurl those tightly held petals around your heart yet still to bloom.. 🌹💛

    Much love

    • Thank you Sue. These are just the spilling of emotional flotsam. Suspect there comes a time when it overflows. Maybe now is that time ❤

      • I always love your poetry Val… and its needed.. I can only express my heart in poetry form… We can say many things we may not always reveal to others or ourselves in poetry.. And its a letting go a release..
        And even if no one ever gets to read them..By the very fact we created them, we have allowed our hearts to express those inner wounds sometimes there are not enough words to describe..
        So write away dear Val… ❤

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