My House

200This is a celebration of sorts, two hundred blog posts. This is it #200, maybe a little cheating a couple of re-blogs not many so this is it 200. What do I want to do?

Balloons? Confetti? Pop a cork on some cheap champagne?

Nah, none of that (maybe a little), in fact I have a different agenda in mind entirely. I want to talk about manners, courtesy and the rules of engagement within the context of the blogosphere. I want to talk about rude people, crude people, self-entitled people; those who believe they don’t have to watch their mouths, wipe their feet or mind their manners in your house. People who don’t understand the concept that your blog is in truth your house, somewhere you get to make the rules, where you are under no obligation to post their comments or allow their comments to remain caused me some surprise.

The idea people would stalk a blog just waiting for the opportunity to pounce was a new one on me. The first time it happened, honestly I thought it was an anomaly just one of those things brought on by an obnoxious discussion on a different blog. I figured, well this is simply the price I pay for allowing myself to be drawn into a ridiculous debate with a person who is of no consequence to me, the price? What I thought was one-time visit and another ridiculous discussion.


Then came the most recent muddle, I was drawn into the discussion again. I considered that I was snared by this very same person because despite previous experience I refused to believe the evidence of my own eyes and experience; that is, I gave this person the benefit of the doubt. I considered that perhaps it was culture; I discarded this idea after discussion with several people from the same part of the world. The fact is, we all speak English and while we might speak the language differently; manners, civility and simple common courtesy are the same the world over.

DSC_3307klein1Then I realized, no this person is simply one of those people who believe they are entitled to pollute, believe they are entitled to sprinkle their bad attitude, pepper their myopic worldviews and scattershot their self-righteousness wherever they please. What gave me a clue? Well, the last exchange was personal, not only was it personal it was an attack it was one that attacked me based on my history, suggested I wrote disingenuously, further suggested that while it was ‘sad’ I was shot ‘or’ raped I should just ‘get over it’ and stop writing about it non-stop since everyone had bad things in their lives to deal with but didn’t let it make them bitter.

I deleted this post on my site. This poster suggested any response I made would be to my other readers, those who agreed with me of which they were not one since they would not be reading it.

This exchange got me thinking. I considered responses but mostly I considered why anyone would behave this way. It isn’t the first time I have seen this behavior, only the first time in what is usually a more courteous, calmer environment. This type of behavior I would normally have assigned to the hit and run of public sites such as Facebook or some of the unmoderated chat rooms.

With that being said, this is my response to these exchanges.

This is my house. You are not required to agree with everything I say; in fact, I welcome debate on those subjects where it is normal to debate. My rules apply though and they are simple.

  1. Be courteous in your response, whether that response is to others or me.
  2. Never assume I won’t respond to you simply because you are responding to another poster.
  3. Stay on subject. Really, the post I write are generally about one thing stay there. If I wanted to talk about something else I would have written about something else.
  4. No name calling or personal attacks will be tolerated, ever.
  5. I will give you one warning, then I will put you in moderation till you clean up your act.

This really is my house. When I come to your house, I will always try to be courteous. I will wipe my feet at the door. I will smoke outside. I will put a coaster under my glass. I won’t curse (despite my ability and sometime propensity to do so). In turn, have a little respect and show some manners I know most of you have some broughtupsie.

In the future, I am going to try hard not to let people derail me, offend me or hurt my feelings in my own house. I will also not allow them to come into my house and offend you. I hope you will tell me if they do.

KickmFor those of you who have visited me in my house through 200 posts, thank you so much. I adore you, appreciate you and am glad you are here. Thank you for allowing me to use my 200th for a rant.

Making of Me

What if someone asked you today to define yourself, all that is you, who you are and what makes up the core of you. Could you do it?

One of my favorite bloggers, Rebecca “Sweet Mother” Donohue, did just that the other day in her three hundred and fortieth post (I am half way there and in awe of this number), What Made You (#340)? Her post got me thinking, even as I read and sometimes giggled I was thinking about what made me what I am. Rebecca asked a question, “What made you?”

My answer to her question was simplistic, it was also the only way I knew to answer on someone else’s blog, it was this.

My history forced me to make the best of me. My future forces me to see what is possible for the rest.

I look at that answer I think, what does that really mean? Big picture, little picture all of us are cobbled together from so many different experiences, so many different sensory inputs and so many  choices we make through the course of a lifetime. What really sticks?

So, I thought to myself, I want to take that answer and expand it. I want to try to pick apart what is important and trace the roots back to what made me.

scan0028My Parents Made Me: all of them, each in their own way contributed to how I view relationships both inside and outside of family. Most people only have one set of parents, I have three and half sets each individual added to who I am over my lifetime. Of course, my biological parents contributed my DNA but more than this, when I met them in my twenties they gave me a sense identity. My adoptive parents showed me the world and expanded my opportunities, they also taught me survival instincts and unfortunately hate. My adoptive father and my heart mother taught me the most important lesson of all, don’t settle for anything short of real love. My heart mother made me more compassionate, she taught me to see others with empathy and to forgive shortcomings, she taught me to heal.

Travel Made Me: exposure to the world made me, it broadened my horizons from a very early age. Travel made me more willing to accept what wasn’t exactly like what I had at home and even welcome what020 Venice San Marko 6504 was different. World travel made me look for adventure, excited by new stamps on my passport and miles in my airline bank. Travel wiped out the jingoistic attitude we Americans so often have that cause our “Ugly American” reputation worldwide. Travel seeped into my blood and spirit at a very early age, I have had a passport since I was six and never let it expire. Travel taught me there is wide-world out there that think and do differently than me.

Dance Made Me: as a very young child, I was Pigeon Toed, drastically so. I wore really ugly corrective shoes (when anyone could get me into them). Finally a doctor suggested Ballet might help to correct both my posture and my Pigeon Toedness (is that a word?). Off we went, beginning Ballet at barely five (5), even before I saw my first Nutcracker Suite. I was lost forever after, even when the teacher hit my toes to point them out. I was lost, linda2even when she cracked my knees to bend them properly. I loved dance I specifically loved ballet. I loved the discipline of it. I loved the movement, I would move furniture in the living room and dance when no one was home. I would practice form in my bedroom using the window as my barre. Dance taught me self-discipline and beauty.

The Men in My Life Made Me: not telling who or how many, not important. The men in my life both those I married and those I didn’t made me who I am. This is true whether we ended well or on the other end of the spectrum and ended nightmarishly. The men I have chosen to partner with over my lifetime have taught me enormous lessons about myself, life, forgiveness and obviously love. Whether those lessons were how to walk away and rebuild or how to love someone who failed me, all of these lessons made me. There was a time when my heart was set behind a steel door, the key was in a bottomless sea and I had no space in my life for love, no patience for fools in love. Over time, the men in my life including brothers, fathers, lovers and husbands have taught me better and thus made me who I am today.

The Women in My Life Made Me: I have been mostly fortunate in my friends, blessed in the longevity of my friendships. The women in my life have enriched me in more ways than I can ever say. Though cautious in who I let in I have been uncommonly privileged; when I am unlucky even then, I have learned lessons I apparently needed at the time.  All the women in my life have made me, from mothers, sisters to heart sisters, friends and mentors.

The Convicts in My Life Made Me: sounds strange doesn’t it, for nine years I have walked a road I never thought to walk, speaking about what happened to me twenty-one years ago to offenders. Speaking in a program intended to teach Empathy to Offenders based on the experiences of real victims, like me. When I started down this path, I was so angry still my fury was white hot I could not imagine how I was going to stand in front of a room of Convicts and not lash out. I made it through that night and many more since then. I have expanded speaking to Juvenile Offenders in the Sex Offender program, because it is important. How do they make me? Because they have stories, because their humanity exists right alongside mine and I have learned compassion and empathy as I stand up and tell my story and listen to theirs.

There is more that went into the making of me, I know there is more, some of it terrible.

  • Violence made me. I have let it go, I will not allow what was done to own my future.
  • Rape made me. I have let it go, my past does not own today or my future.
  • Pain makes me even today, it does not own me though.
  • Divorce and abandonment made me, it does not own me it does not convince me of my worth.

Writing makes me today, I am learning a craft I thought I had no talent for but I am finding my voice and my heart in it.

What makes you?

Awards times two

DSC_0262Awards are tremendous, especially when funky town seems to be the address on all the junk mail. Awards just make you feel better, lift up your spirits and stroke you spine. Awards are nearly better than the first cuppa coffee (note I said nearly cause nothing, not one single thing on the face of earth is better than that first cuppa joe).

Recently I received two fabulous awards from two fabulous fellow bloggers. I follow these gentlemen and scholars and adore their contributions to our communities. I am most humbled they would think to consider me of merit.

Each of these awards carries special properties so I must with due diligence address them separately. Without further ado, in the order received:

Beautiful Blogger Award from


The rules ask that I link back to the person awarding me, thank you Alejandro this is most kind of you. The rules also require me to list 7 random things about myself. Hmmmm…where shall I start? There isn’t much I haven’t already revealed about myself on these pages, not many things you don’t already know, here goes nothing.

  1. I know how to twirl tassels, left, right and in opposite directions
  2. I have belly danced in public
  3. I was born with a third nipple, my mother had it burned off when I was 11 she was embarrassed by it
  4. I sleep with a light on, always
  5. I am mostly night blind which is why I despise driving in the dark
  6. I love spicy foods and will eat them until my taste buds are burned out for the day
  7. I love the taste of Ten Gin, I don’t drink anymore due to epilepsy but when I did Ten straight up in a chilled glass was the only thing I drank (other than great wine)

I am supposed to nominate others for this award. There are so many on my list. So many I read and love, some new who deserve to be read and followed.

New to the blogging world, a wonderful voice whom I have been following since she put up her first post.

Noleen astonishes me with her grit and bravery, her voice has been soaring lately and I am always happy to see her posts hit my in-box.

I am always breathless after visiting here. Breathless with gratitude for the open kindness, the giving heart and lessons:

My friend at Daily Dose makes me think I could be braver, even if just by living vicariously through her! I await her wonderful postings and then scurry over to enjoy her adventures or simply sit back to take a bit of peace from her thoughtful offerings:

Soma over at is simply a bit of this and a bit of that, sometimes great fun and laughter and at others, well she is simply thoughtful and beautiful.

To all those I have nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award, if you don’t accept awards, I understand. I hope you will still accept my most heartfelt appreciation of your contributions to my life through your blogging.


Now, to a slightly different one, my great appreciation to Jueseppi B over at  for this nomination. It was very unexpected and so greatly appreciated. It is also very different, you will see.


Jueseppi and I met through our politics. Yes, we were on the same team and we ran across each other frequently over the last campaign season. Ultimately, I ended up following his blog to keep up with news I didn’t always find elsewhere; he has an unerring ability to ferret out information!

The Rules as Stated from The Thought Palette

Notice there is only one star up there filled in but six waiting for gold, this award is one that just keeps giving until you collect all six. Pretty cool, right? I thought this was a great idea. So here are the rules:

  1. Select the blog(s) you think deserve the ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award
  2. Write a blog post and tell us about the blog(s) you have chosen – there’s no minimum or maximum number of blogs required – and ‘present’ them with their award.
  3. Please include a link back to this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award – and include these ‘rules’ in your post (please don’t alter the rules or the badges!)
  4. Let the blog(s) you have chosen know that you have given them this award and share the ‘rules’ with them
  5. You can now also join our Facebook group – click ‘like’ on this page ‘Blog of the Year 2012’ Award Facebook group and then you can share your blog with an even wider audience
  6. As a winner of the award – please add a link back to the blog that presented you with the award – and then proudly display the award on your blog and sidebar … and start collecting stars…

Yes – that’s right – there are stars to collect! Unlike other awards, which you can only add to your blog once – this award is different!

When you begin you will receive the ‘1 star’ award – and every time you are given the award by another blog – you can add another star!

There are a total of 6 stars to collect.

Which means that you can check out your favorite blogs – and even if they have already been given the award by someone else – you can still bestow it on them again and help them to reach the maximum 6 stars!

For more information, check the FAQ on The Thought Palette.


There are so many great, wonderful, marvelous, thoughtful, funny …. I have run out of words for them suffice to say there are some great bloggers I follow, so many of them absolutely humble me. How do you pick just one or one hundred out of all of them? Do you pick from subject matter? Do scroll through and find some who have not received recognition for their wonderful contributions? I couldn’t decide, so I simply followed my heart and selected who had recently touched me.

Because she sometimes makes me think we might be sisters of another mother, she makes me laugh but she also makes me thoughtful:

Because she is living a life that makes perfect sense and she shares unstintingly:

Because her art never fails to make me smile, never once:

Because she is prolific, wise, funny, charming and the sister of my heart:

There are so many others I could elect to this award, I am going to stop here though. If you don’t accept awards, I understand just know I think you deserve it.

All that is Good




I allowed my anniversary to pass without much fanfare, mostly because I wanted to sit back and consider all that had happened in the past year. Where I began and why, what caused me to start and what has changed for me, in large part since I began exploring pieces of myself I didn’t think to explore. This past year has truly been an exercise in redefining my limits and boundaries. I have wandered paths I long since allowed to be overgrown and choked off. I also rediscovered my love of research, history and yes you might have guessed the sociology within politics.

There were things I knew, things I intellectualized but had never spoken aloud. There were other things I knew, a history buried so deep in my soul despite my tough girl exterior I still allowed those hurts to define me. In these pages I began to speak the words, some of them made me weep for days. Some of them made me so angry all over again I could not speak aloud for hours after writing them down. Yet I hit the publish button and it was as if each time I released a piece of myself, comforting myself there was another door in the oubliette of my mind no longer hidden, no longer under lock and key.

When I started I didn’t know I would delve deeply into my history. Even today I don’t know that I could tell you why I did, except it was time. I was made brave by others I met in this wonderful world, others who were not afraid, who stunned me with their courage and their kindness, such as:

Then there are those perfect places of rest and peace. I find them and think, ahhh I am home for a minute and can breathe. When I see there is something from one of these wonderful bloggers I smile just a little then rush right over to read.

We all have places to laugh, giggle, argue and debate. In some cases a mix of personal stories, political shenanigans and the world around us is just what is needed to keep us connected. Certainly, despite what it may seem like to some, even I need that cool wind to blow and make me giggle, some of these marvelous bloggers do just that!

There is one other blogger who I have to send out enormous hugs and great heaping mounds of gratitude to, without her I might not have continued forward. Without her I would have given up, frequently. She has been my bulwark, my voice on the other end of the phone and I am afraid I have burned her ear sometimes with my rants.

Red over at

I wanted to say to all the bloggers who follow me, I am so grateful. For the time you take to read and comment, I appreciate it is your time and you give some of it to me. To all the bloggers who have given their time and energy, who have taught me to let go and soar, thank you; I will never be able to express what it has meant to me to learn, your lessons have been invaluable. To all my new friends, I am so grateful for your warmth, humor and welcome.

This past year has seen me let go of some very old hurts. No, it hasn’t truly healed them, simply allowed me to let them go. This year has also allowed me to find new pathways to old and slightly damaged relationships, without the lessons I have learned here and from some of you I might never have found the strength and courage to reach out and rebuild those bridges, for this I am grateful. Over this past year I have also learned, much to my chagrin I need to apologize more often for my razor sharp tongue, ouch. I have been reminded to say “I love you” and to hug, even if the hug is remotely.

Perhaps most importantly I have learned not to ignore my feelings. Not to find another room in the dungeon of my mind and throw those pesky emotions inside under lock and key. I have learned my emotions will not slice and dice me leaving nothing remaining of who I thought I was, or pretended to be. I have begun to be a complete person again, while I still don’t wear my heart on my sleeve I might consider a tattoo of one someday.

I let my anniversary pass, mostly because I wanted to think about the past year and what it has meant to me. What changes this year has brought about. I have been in a funk this year and couldn’t put my hand on why, finally last week I figured it out (more on this later). This post is all about gratitude, I have much to be thankful for; while I may never be enpoint again my soul has begun to soar.

Just a Thank You


Others often inspire me in the blogosphere, sometimes by what they say and sometimes by what they don’t say; that is what they leave unsaid after they have unfolded something of beauty or delicacy for us to draw in. My jealousy takes flight, oh I admit it I am envious of many. The green monster creeps up my spine and shakes me, back and forth until my eyes rattle in their sockets and my brain feels loosened. Then my sanity returns and I am simply grateful.

Why you ask and you should.

Some of those I follow have a delicacy of touch that I am forced to simply sit still and inhale slowly. I am regularly dumbfounded by their ability to communicate ideas or thoughts and still preserve dignity, their own or others. In their presence, reading their words I feel as if I write with a sledgehammer and two left thumbs.

I take slow breaths now and then, disappear for days on end to regroup and pull myself back from the edge. When I started this blog, I had intended something entirely different, something light, something carefree that trips across life and settles on lily pads, skips stones across ponds and chases rainbows. I had intended to learn to laugh at life, stick my tongue out at the silliness I find daily; sometimes I succeed at that I think though with a heavier hand than I plan. When I started out I did not intend to expose my secret self, my history or my skeletons; suddenly though they came dancing out, waltzing their way to my keyboard and demanding my attention; they are not done with me and thus I am not done with them.

I inhale and find my muses, heroes, dragon slayers and those that simply bring smiles to my face. Their stories, their poems and most importantly the generosity of their sharing brings me back to myself. Reminds me how gratified I am there are people in this world who share their gifts in such public forums and who have shared them with me.

In the blogosphere, we often send awards to others. We have to do awkward things once we receive these awards. I wanted to do something different, simply identify a few outstanding Blogs that recently have uplifted me, made me smile or stunned with their delicacy of touch. I hope, if you get a minute, you will take the time to read if you aren’t already.


Somkritya, Poetry, Prose and Lambretta

Debbie Adams

Dreamwalker Sanctuary

My Story to You

Monster in your Closet

My all the time, never fail inspiration and muse, sister of my heart:

Momma Money Matters, hosted by Red

I read so many blogs (though lately I have been slow). There isn’t one that I read that I don’t enjoy (I wouldn’t visit, comment and come back otherwise). Recently though I have found myself in a peculiar place in my life and in my blogging and have found inspiration and hope from these wonderful blogs. I wanted to share them with my blogging friends, in case you all find you could use a lift as well.

Sunshine Days

One of my personal muses is Red at Mommas Money Matters. She is funny, irreverent, brilliant and insightful and without doubt one of the great social commentators of our time. Today she posted a fun pick your own award challenge that I couldn’t resist. Not because I wanted an award, rather because I wanted the challenge (you’ll see).

Red has changed the rules of the Sunshine Award. I liked her change and her challenge. I have taken it up; I will leave it for all of you to also accept, though I will pick a different challenge for you I think.

The original Sunshine challenge includes ten questions.

  1. Favorite color –
    1. Hair – Tiger Striped including a swath of lavender
    2. Gems – any Blue
    3. Clothing – Scarlet and Black
  2. Favorite animal
    1. Dogs, Cats and Merlin the Cockatoo
    2. Dragons (yeah, yeah I know)
  3. Favorite number – Nine
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Coffee (stronger the better)
  5. Facebook or Twitter – Facebook
  6. My passion – My kids, Wanderlust
  7. Giving or getting presents – Giving always
  8. Favorite pattern – Sparkly (yeah, yeah I know)
  9. Favorite day of the week – (Sunday)
  10. Favorite flower – (Orchids, nearly all of them)

Reds Seamed Up

I am supposed to tell five secrets, both guess at five of Red’s previous answers to a previous award and finally write a one hundred word Flash Fiction using the word Sunshine. Because I want the big pretty award picture I am going to do all of this in just that order.

My Five Secrets (sort of):

  1. I drove for 5 years without a driver’s license; I didn’t apply till I was 22.
  2. I am depressed (clinically) without sunlight.
  3. I’ve had gray hair since I was 17.
  4. I truly despise disingenuous people more than just about anything else.
  5. I have smoked for 45 years; no I don’t cough in the morning!

Red’s answers (she had better answers in her second award I checked)

  1. Her Favorite Animal – Polar Bear
  2. Her Favorite Pattern – Paisley
  3. Her Facebook or Twitter – Google +
  4. Her Favorite non-alcoholic drink – Coffee
  5. Her Favorite Passion – Creating

Finally, Red asked that those of us who wanted to claim her pretty and intriguing new Sunshine award write a 100-word Flash Fiction, here is my entry.

“Sparkling white diamond raindrops, it seems the rain will never end. Five days and the sky is blanketed with grey to the horizon, one never ending ribbon of steel. Even the waves had taken on the same dull hues, intercepted only occasionally with the deep foaming blues and greens, as if the sea demanded attention and battled the monotony of the skies above. Would it never end? Sunset in less than five minutes the world would go from grey to black. Suddenly, the horizon flashes brilliant pink with sunshine, just one minute before dropping in the sea for the night.”

Claim Your Own –

I follow so many great Bloggers, I am not going to pick any to abuse with an Award that must in turn answer questions and follow rules. I don’t like rules myself and so won’t ask others to follow them. What I will do is this;

Add your name to My Blog Roll if you haven’t already:

Pass the award on if you want or do what I and Red have done, off them up to be claimed.

Claim Sunshine Award – Answer the 10 Questions.

Claim Wendy’s Sunshine Award – Answer 10 Questions + 5 Secrets.

Claim Red’s Sunshine Award – Answer 10 Questions + 5 Secrets, Add your name to the Blog Roll, Write 100-word Flash Fiction using the word Sunshine.

ABC Award

ABC Award – from Channel Comfort

Channel Comfort is one of the kindest blogs I know, sound odd? It isn’t really this is a place of peace and restful contemplation. She practices both Reiki and yoga the balance she achieves shines through in her blog (one of these days, I will ask outright how to get there from here).

I encourage you to check her blog out she is inspiring.

A. Ambivalent

B. Balanced

C. Colorful (so I have been told, suspect it might be my language)

D. Determined

E. Enlightened

F. Free-thinking

G. Generous (sometimes to a fault)

H. Hellion (my late father(s) description of me)

I. Irreverent

J. Just

K. Kind (most of the time)

L. Learner (this is my favorite occupation)

M. Measured

N. Nuanced

O. Obstinate (only sometimes, only about some things)

P. Pragmatic

Q. Quirky (about some things)

R. Rational

S. Seeker (constantly and till the day I lay down for the last time)

T. Tolerant (perhaps more than I should be)

U. Unwavering (in my principles and beliefs, which doesn’t mean you can’t have your own, thus T)

V. Vulnerable

W. Wayfaring (given my job what else could I be)

X. Xerophobous (why I still miss S Tejas)

Y. Youthful (very unimaginative I know, but truth nonetheless)

Z. Zaftig (hey it is a better word than Fat, which was what F originally was)

I know, I know….I am supposed to pass this on; but this is a real PITA (figure the acronym out please). I will not pass it on, but offer any and all who read this a challenge instead, if you want to sit down and try to describe yourself using the alphabet please do so, it is an interesting exercise. It took me two days to complete and I finally had to resort to the my favorite Scrabble Word Book for two of the letters, can you guess which ones?

Versatile Blogger

Who Nominated (Link) – Airports Made Simple

As a frequent traveler, it was great to stumble on Airports Made Simple! Full of great tips and tricks not just on Airports but travel tips as well. The airport tips alone are wonderful but when you add parking and drive times, well these are the stuff of dreams for those who travel for work and are often rushing to make planes.

Seven things most people don’t know and may not want to know about me:

  1. In keeping with where this award came from, I used to be so afraid of flying I would break out in a cold sweat and be nauseous before every take-off and landing. I had to take valium for years before flying.
  2. I have 14 tattoos including having my eyeliner done (needs to be redone soon). My first one was done when I was 17 and my most recent just last year. I will not reveal the span of years in between.
  3. Counting all that I know or suspect, based on rumors and family history, I have between 17 and 23 siblings, some of whom I have never met.
  4. I drove a racecar when I was 18 that was the fastest I ever drove where I wasn’t afraid of getting a ticket at 118 mph. It was awesome!
  5. I wanted to be a prima ballerina when I was young, danced from the time I was 4 years-old until I was unfortunately ‘blessed’ with T&A at the ripe age of 11, my dreams were dashed at the barre.
  6. I hate having my picture taken. I have been known to destroy all photo images of myself unless commanded to retain them.
  7. I despise, no really, I despise cold weather, rain, snow all of it and I really despise it intensely. I understand there is a need for precipitation I just wish I didn’t have to ever be in it, surrounded by it, under it or otherwise associated with it.

Now to the important things in life, I have picked four of my favorite bloggers to mention, one important note from me to them, please do not feel obligated to do anything other than know I truly enjoy your writing. Don’t pass it on, play it forward, post the pretty picture or otherwise jump through hoops.

Not Quite Old indeed the title says it all. When I need a quick lift in my spirit this is one of the best remedies I know of. Full of great views from the peak without a wink and sly grin at, not quite ready yet.

Fifty-Four and a Half hits with all cylinders and leaves me breathless and always wanting more. With a bit of politics, a look at the world and a dash of humor she gets the party started and nary a grumble or acrimonious sound bite to be typed. Don’t be afraid to stop by though, it isn’t all politics; this blog is filled with the humor of the world around us through the eyes of this wonderfully observant blogger.

Totsymae reminds me of every woman my age that walked down the street hips swinging and eyes wide-open, aware life handed them everything they needed they day they were born. She speaks truth with the cadence of poetry and street rolled into one. Her art should be hanging on my walls simply to bring me joy, perhaps one of these days I will stroll into the museums and galleries where it belongs, simply for the pleasure of sitting before it.

Barking in the Dark is a humorous look at politics and what is wrong with the nation today. Fair warning if you are easily offended by off-color language, if your only source of news is Fox, if you think the GOP is the Bee’s Knees I would suggest skipping this site. However, if you have a bit of a dark side and enjoy Satire and a truly ironic look at our world and the Body Politic, this is a can’t miss.

M3 aka MommaMoneyMatters saving my favorite for last, Red provides a look into the world and sometimes ourselves that is always enlightening, though not always comfortable. Filled with humor, a view of the world that comes from being solidly in it and firm grasp of reality Red makes you feel at home and welcome, at once. She is always worth a visit, whether for Friday Follies or to follow her one of her serial posts through a variety of subjects, she is consistently on-point. Pull up a chair at M3 you won’t be disappointed.

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