Flash: Sommelier

Aged to something less than perfection the scent wafting to his nostrils makes his nose twitch. It smells of fresh wet concrete, minerally; something he read somewhere but fitting.


He slowly turns to the sound of the slurred word.

“Boy, I am ready to check out, get your ass over here.”

Leaning his mop against the wall he hurries to ring up the bottle of Mad Dog. He is the Sommelier of Skid Row.


Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the amazing Red of M3 fame

This week’s word is Sommelier. The word limit is 75 words. This one comes in at 75.

Hashtags: #flashfiction #getpublished


  1. Oh, my word. We are going to have to get Mad Dog to sponsor the book!

  2. This Skid Row place doesn’t sound like a pleasant place 😉

  3. Skid row the place or the band?

  4. Do I sense a sardonic humour somewhere deep down?


  5. What a creative take on the word Sommelier! Now ‘boy’… does he have a name? Enter next Flash Fiction piece… 🙂

  6. Brilliant Val.

  7. Once he gets that Mad Dog in him, he’s gonna sho’ nuff be a cutter.

  8. This is a different take alright. I LOVE the way you think. Imaginative! Wow.

  9. You should know . . . my heart does a little zing when my email shows another FTP from QBG and her Tilted Tiara. You never disappointment.

  10. “Sommelier of Skid Row” – good one, Val 🙂

  11. LOVE this one!!!! Very good use of the word…well done!

  12. The title alone (the Sommelier of Skid Row) is a commentary on its own.

  13. Gray Dawster says:

    I like this one a lot, and a
    very chucklesome FTP indeed 🙂 lol

    Andro xxxx

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