Fall Flash – III

Many thought Tasha ravishingly beautiful; she thought they were blind to her true assets. Tasha wanted more; she had a plan to progress her goal.

Today her heels beat a staccato tattoo on waxed wood floors, announcing her arrival. Heads turned to follow her and then shook dismayed as she made her way toward the double doors. Tasha pushed with just the right pressure, collective breaths caught upon seeing her standing framed in the doorway.

“You can’t be here”, the older man said as he stood.

“Bitch!” A young woman mumbled.

“Daddy, I only want to meet the family.”


Flash in the Pan is brought to you by the amazing Red of M3 fame, to join in the fun read the rules at the link provided and get to flashing!

The Flash word is Progress . The word limit is 100 words. This one comes in at exactly 99.

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  1. This hits close to home… I have a sister who did this. o.O

  2. SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!! Ughh,,,I love your writing. You always take me places my mind would never go without you. I really REALLY liked this

    love you

  3. Sad, but quite relevant in today’s world

  4. Seems the family doesn’t see beneath the surface either. Good for her for shaking up Daddy and the family. You’re so terrific at these, Val. There’s always a twist but it’s so s-m-o-o-t-h.

  5. Superb.
    I could see everything. Xx

  6. Love the sound of this family – a touch of Dynasty perhaps

  7. Damn, I wish I could do this as well as you! Nice work.

    Hope you’re doing well, Val. Sorry to have been away. Been busy working on my memoir. Excuses, excuses! Right? I’ve missed you.


    • Oh Kathy, I am so glad to see you! Any excuse, doesn’t matter just happy to see you today. Hope all is well and you are settling in.

      I suspect if you had the time, you would blow my little efforts right out of the water.

      Hugs right back at you.


  8. Finally back to the ‘family’

  9. A reality show in the making.

  10. Amazing how you can lasso family dynamics in a heartbeat!

  11. O’Henry would be proud of your writing!

  12. Some family —– it would seem.

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