Where are you at this moment, how does your skin feel

I hear your voice in my soul, as you ask questions

My heart sputters to a standstill when I consider you

I am humbled by your first ‘I love you’

I am your rib, prideful in my stature beside you

Fearful of all love entails as we touch spirits

In dreams I reach for you dancing in light

Bright fortunes lived day-by-day and by choice

Bedazzled by peaks of diamond brilliance

Sparkling distantly across moonlit waters

These are the landmarks of my dreamscape

As you call, come BabyGirl, join me

Walk through doors without fear

I am startled by you, your presence overwhelms

My reticence, natural and unnatural barriers fall

Laughter spills over and out, carried by the wind

Whispered secrets rustle grass as we watch shooting stars

Secret love names Honey Girl, Cara roll off your lips

I melt each time you whisper my eyes closing, sleep claiming me

As if the words themselves were warm honey on my soul

Your lips pressed against skin chilled by years of neglect

Leaves trails, melting crystal icicles into puddles at our feet

Where we stand beneath canopies of rainbows

You tell me, I will live for you I choose too

Mine My Heart, Choose

Valentine, 27-June-2014


  1. LOVELY poem, my friend. May your weekend be full of happy choices.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  2. This is more great poetry, Val! All your trials and traumas have finally given birth to a romantic muse; one that is sensitive and caring, but still strong and determined. Keep up the good work.

  3. May your choices bring many more calm caressing days ahead 🙂


  4. Your words flow beautifully. It’s like you’ve been through a storm and have reached the rainbow in the clearing. Like the light has been turned on and you are renewed, refreshed and revitalized. Romance lives again, Val! And it’s in your words.

  5. Gray Dawster says:

    This is really lovely writing Val,
    I didn’t know that you wrote poetry
    but you should add more, wow
    I love the flow of this my dear friend.

    Have a very sweet weekend and
    later I will be back to read some of
    your previous postings, I have been
    gone far too long already me thinks?

    Andro xxxx

  6. Do you have any spare writing genes I can borrow? A beautiful piece of poetry or is it prose? Doesn’t matter it’s still phemenonal.

    • Oh thank you so much. I have written poetry / prose for many years, since I was a young teen actually. Until now though I haven’t had the nerve to share it. I think I have been untethered from some of my fears / barriers recently and am ready to spread my wings. Soon, maybe more.

  7. You seem to be feeling pretty good these days!

    • I am indeed. I have decided to embrace life, the world and whatever it throws at me. With that comes great risk and even greater reward. Ain’t life grand?

  8. You shimmer, and sparkle, and s.i.z.z.l.e. I want to do the Happy Dance. 😛

  9. Jueseppi B. says:

    This is magnificent.

  10. May you choose well. I hear the laughter in your voice. The picture is great – what a nice touch to your words. Have a good weekend, Val! Stay cool in all ways!

    • It is still cool up here in the north of Texas, but I am enjoying my 90’s.

      My thanks, I am so grateful people are enjoying my poems. They are from my spirit. They are joyful.

  11. Words so true to heart.. Valentine..

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    From my dearest friend!!!

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