Warriors Rest


My warrior, my King

Ease your burden

My shoulders are narrow

They are strong enough

My arms offer comfort

Reaching for you in need

My breast the cushion

For your weary head

Stretch still beside me

Let my heat infuse you

Warming your lament

Into a song of joy

Warmth wrapped around

Your ice and need

Warrior though you are

Solitary in your fight

My joyful welcoming

Allows you a brief respite

Until your pain is forgotten

For a moment, a night

Or as long as you need




  1. Sweetly breathtaking. You write so artistically.

  2. Beautiful! You have much comfort to give to the right warrior. I like the way you ended it!

  3. Val, this was lovely. Thinking of anyone in particular? I was hoping so. I so want to see you become part of duo of which you are worthy.

    • No, thinking really of who I want not who I have. I want to become of a duo also, but thus far I am far more part of a singular effort.

      I think my friend, I am bound for singular glory.

  4. Val yet another wonderful poem.. who could fail not to rest their heads upon those shoulders.. and experience Joy wrapped around them..

    Beautifully written Val.. xx Love Sue

  5. The first glance upon arriving I saw a poem, thus smiled with excitement because I like what you write. … and this one didn’t disappoint! 🙂 … and the perfect opening image.

  6. Beautiful, Val.

  7. Beautifully sweet xxx

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