Say it Out Loud


Say you love me

You don’t have to mean it

Or love all of me

Or love me all the time

Just say you love me

When you see me turning away

Turning inside toward darkness

Toward my own monsters

Rattling my own locked doors

Where only I have keys

Say you love me

Scream it out loud

Where I can hear you

Inside my own dungeon

Locked in the ice of my heart

Where my soul might be safe

My spirit dances with monsters

Even as they flay me

With memories of pain

My blood and tears paint walls

Brilliant in scarlet and silver

Rescue me, say you love me

Out loud, where my soul hears you

Maybe, if I hear you I will believe

Maybe I will reach for you

If you say you love me




  1. Very powerful poetry as are the simple words, “I love you!” Someone called it a powerful whisper.

  2. This is lovely – sounds like it would be a great song!

  3. I am sending Love and saying it so Loud, I hope that inner child hears it loud and clear.. I know if you listen Val, you will hear as you say it outloud to your reflection.. You are Loved..

    And I loved how you captured it out loud so we all could hear.. Love and Hugs ❤ Sue x

  4. A brilliant tug of war with oneself.

  5. So, Val, when are you going to put all these poems together into a book?


    I. Love. You. xx

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    “Say That You Love Me” …. power written word!!

  8. Visceral as always, Valentine.

  9. Such a powerful little whisper.

  10. That phrase, “I love you” hold a lot of power. You have a way way with words and thank you!.

  11. Just fabulous. ❤

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