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Linda1I have been stunningly without many words lately. It is not that I have nothing to say, it is that my brain, my heart and my fingers do not seem to have the desire to make the connection. I have been silenced by what I can only call the utter and complete decimation of what was once good, fair and right in this nation. Now mind you, it was not completely good, entirely fair and always right; no it wasn’t that. But there was enough good, fair and right that many of us believed it was worth fighting for and working toward better. Hell there was enough good, fair and right millions of people from all over the world immigrated here for a ‘better way of life’.

Now? Those who come, they come because their own nations are torn by war, whether religious, drug or other, generally if you peel back the layers far enough we are in there somewhere stirring the pot. Or they are coming because despite the terrible xenophobia of this nation, the poverty is so terrible in their own they can only hope here will offer a chance to feed their families. Then of course, there is the alternative to these scenarios, there are those who are invited in to displace Americans in their jobs. They come here come to rape the nation of what few jobs remain to us in IT, Engineering and other high tech careers, leaving the dregs, the contracts at low rates and no benefits. They come with the help of Congress, with no complaint from anyone on either side. They come because ‘good liberals’ with deep pockets along with ‘bad conservatives’ are constantly storming the gates demanding broader expansions of this insidious program, because according to them, there are just too few Americans to fill all those waiting positions. This is the nation today, this is the vision of the future and there doesn’t seem to be a bright silver lining.

I have listened intently to what all the candidates for President have had to say. The Republicans with their petty bickering and attempts to out ugly each other. The Democrats with their attempts at calm and civility. The lines drawn in the sand today are brilliant if you stay at the superficial level of the arguments, if you don’t ask the hard questions or truly dig under the surface of unsustainable policy dreams, bright promises of better futures or ‘Winning’.

Is it me or is it truly worse? Is the ugly truly uglier? I think it isn’t worse, not really worse. I think what it is today is more public in some cases. I think there has been, over the past decade a move toward a sustained and unrestrained malice with the culmination being this election season. I think we have seen xenophobia, racism, nationalism and the doctrine of Manifest Destiny stirred into a stew rich in ugly emotions, fired up by looming fears of the failure to thrive.

Dreams of our fathers indeed. Dreams we were created equal in this land of immense wealth and promised opportunity. We know this isn’t true though, we know it wasn’t ever truly designed for all of us, not for most of us even. If we are honest and we should be, we know those pesky words about equality and opportunity were meant only for the few, the chosen who were of the right social class, the right economic class, the right gender (outie not innie please) and let’s face it, the right color or race, though throughout our history we have hated more than just those with obvious differences. Truthfully, xenophobia is one of our favorite pastimes. Want to stir the pot? Point to the influx of immigrants, German, Italian or Irish all free game at one time, though eventually they were absorbed to swell the ranks of ‘just like us’ when the rampart was weakening.

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The truth of the matter is, this nation is nothing at all without an enemy, or two or three. Some group to focus our hate, our ire and of course our military might on. The bedrock of this nation is war, the heart of our economy violence. We make war to keep the money moving. Those at the top of the food chain, beat the drums patriotism at every opportunity keeping the mighty war machine well-greased and the war-mongers well paid while the rest of us, we either fall in line or are labeled as anti-American, unpatriotic or other even less flattering things that most who shout them do not have even a fundamental understanding of their meanings. Without violence, without an enemy, without war we are nothing it seems; we love to declare war.

War on Drugs

War on Poverty

War on Terrorism

But in the declarations of war, who really is the enemy? In the declarations of war, who are we really focused on? Who has really benefited from these Wars?

Dreams of our Fathers, indeed.

I find I am tired. Worn out already with the idiocy and nonsense of the early Presidential season. With the bombastic bullshit from the Right and the pretense of civility from the Left. I find I am weary with the do-nothing Congress who does less and less with each passing session. I am exhausted by a citizenry that bitches, whines and moans but refuses to go to the polls when given the opportunity to do so. But more than anything, I am shattered by how far we have fallen as a nation and a people, by the sheer nastiness of our public speech that is not only accepted but defended.

I am sure I will find my will soon. But right now, I find I am simply crushed and silenced by a nation and a people that refuse to seek greatness in favor of the lowest common denominator.


  1. Excellent post. Very good writing and clearly explained. I bless your voice and your mind as you tell truths to the people. Hugs, Barbara

  2. Yes. I feel like we’re all being flushed down the drain!

  3. When a nation is in the throws of an election it is draining.. We had ours in May of this year.. you get sick of the who scenario of blame, shame, and exposures to score points.. While all the time the ‘real’ issues still continue..
    Factories close work goes overseas.. Immigration escalates, poverty deepens, Homelessness increases, while those at the top have no concept of the cost of living, and how pensioners struggle, Food bank cues get longer.. and dept grows like the cancer it is while Banks leech their profits from the hard working.. While the EU taxes us to the hilt enforcing ridiculous rules …

    I empathise.. Its the same here in the UK… Yes we are tired… but their will come a time like the Suffragettes who fought for the right of us woman to vote.. there will come a time.. when we, the tired will be heard..

    Love to you Val.. loved your post

  4. I hear you loud and clear, Val. A key problem is we start the presidential run way too early. I wish we could take a page from the Brits. They only allow for a few weeks of campaigning before they vote for prime minister. That’s all. Not two years, for crying out loud.

  5. I honestly believe we’ve reached the apex of stupidity in America. Here’s some good news. A few Republicans are already starting to criticize Ted Cruz, calling him exactly what he is: arrogant and obstructive. Trust me on this though – they’re all going to flame within a year.

    But I still dread next year’s elections. I’m no Hillary Clinton fan; she has more baggage than a jumbo jet. I like Bernie Sanders, but he’s 73. I haven’t felt this disillusioned about a presidential race since 2004.

  6. I hear you, Valentine. Every so often, I too, start to feel disgruntled, dismayed, depressed. It hurts deeply to see what is happening to our country. Yes, exercising our right to vote is the only way. My own sister “isn’t interested in politics” and I told her that by not voting in 2014, she is one of those who allowed the Republicans to gain the Congress due to apathy. There are many of our citizens who vote only in presidential elections. They are clueless. Great post. Hope you are feeling better now. 🙂

  7. ” am exhausted by a citizenry that bitches, whines and moans but refuses to go to the polls when given the opportunity to do so.” … and may I add the following … With the majority of going to the polls re-electing Congressional incumbents at a 90% rate while complaining about Congress. Yes Houston, that is a problem.

  8. I agree with you. Especially the idea that the US seems to need an “enemy”. Remember how the evil communists of Russia and China were the excuse for massive arms outlays? They both disappeared as mortal enemies. No matter. The US still needs to squander our wealth on weaponry. Because of the actions of a few radicals the US switched gears and now “muslims” are the mortal enemy of all that we hold dear.
    If not them, someone else.
    Even here at home we see that some consider their fellow citizens as enemies if they dare offer an opinion of tolerance or common sense. If you think every kid should eat you are a “libtard” or a socialist or a communist!
    As an older person I think that the younger folks are much more tolerant and willing to accept change. If only they would vote. Hopefully demographics will triumph as the old guard of negativity and racism dies off.
    Consider the words of Max Planck and apply them to politics:
    ” Science advances one funeral at a time”.

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  10. Exactly! Every word rings “True!” My great fear is that we will backslide into becoming a third world country, unable to provide what our political forefathers envisioned that would enable us to keep our citizens working and thriving. All we can depend on is no help from this narcissistic Congress.

  11. Thoughtful words as always, Valentine. It is indeed a shame more people don’t exercise their right to vote. If we’re continuing on with the war analogy, voting is one of the most powerful weapons we have. Too bad it isn’t wielded more often.

  12. Unfortunately, when people like you lose the will to fight and don’t speak up, that’s when we fall to the lowest common denominator.

    • I know, it isn’t forever it is just for a few days. Silence and peace for a few days. A few days to gather my thoughts, to gather my mind, to gather my head back and my heart back. I have been in it for so long I can’t imagine truly turning away.

  13. I get depressed myself sometimes. After writing on the Middle East for awhile, there was a week that I hardly moved from bed. Then I took a break to go visit family. I did not watch TV news, etc for a whole week. This helped!

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    ….. the sad reality!! These words are powerful! I’m tired too …. and it’s not even my country (I thought it was) but I live here and see it all.

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