Glad cries and whispered desires

To long you have been missing

Blood rushes where fingers trail

Lifting up to meet and follow

Turning, offering more and all

“Will you give me this,” you ask

“I withhold nothing,”

Opening arms too long empty

Still a heart, I withhold that

“I have secrets,” you say

“Keep them, they are yours”

Touching you as supplicant

Testing for what is mine

What you do not reserve

Silken skin, scented of night

Sinking into desires and dreams

Darkness born for you

Shelter found unlooked for

In a tangle of arms and legs

Through awakenings promised

Yearnings met with abandonment

With no pledge for tomorrow

While hearts and breath slow to one

I have secrets too




  1. Wow …. another emotional roller coaster that you do so well.

  2. “I withhold nothing,”

    Beautiful. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Nothing, but my secrets and sometimes my heart.

      Thank you darlin', I am always so grateful you find something to love. This is especially true given who else you love.

  3. Mr. Militant Negro says:

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  4. It is true that we all have secrets. On a practical matter, when someone is in the middle of loving intimacy, this is not a time to share secrets. Your poem is lovely and sensual. Thanks!!

  5. We all do. Xxx

  6. just beautiful & would make brilliant wall art

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