Seasons of Wanting

Warning: Erotica Adult Content Over 18



Fingertips dance down arms

I pull the sheets tighter around me

It is the wind, only the wind

Flames lick my collarbone

I use ice and cool my heat

It is the sun through the window, only the sun

Plagued with teasing and heated hints of touch

Across skin deprived of any but my own

I blame the season and fear winter

Silk flows over me like water, a second skin, tantalizing softly

Heated water enfolds me and embraces, lifts me weightless

Enraptured I sink into either, seeking solace and relief

Please, please, no more, please now

I hear a voice begging as if in pain

Tears flowing I awaken, it is a dream only another dream

 Valentine, 22-May-14

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