Warning – Adult Over 18



Whispers across my soul, you said you wanted to see me naked

                You asked me, how it feels to be this open

I couldn’t answer, my voice caught by breathlessness

                My lips swollen, bee stung and bitten

Silk rubs against my eyes, my wrists; naked I am exposed to you

                I feel the warmth of your gaze as it travels the length of me

Naked, you wanted me exposed; open to each intimate touch

                Unable to shrink away you hold me still, tracing my ribs

                                Up my thigh across my hip, flattening your palm against my stomach

Be still; stop moving you tell me as instinctively I try to twist away

                You ask again, how it feels to be this open

I have no answer but the soft moan that escapes as you touch the most sensitive parts of me

Your breath heats my skin as your hand smooth’s up my inner thigh

                I fall apart naked from the inside out, exposed to you

Without secrets, one final touch I shatter into thousands of pieces spinning wildly

Be still you say as your fingers spread across my most secret spaces

Silken cords loosen, my hands fall free and I reach for you first

          Be still you say, don’t you want to see as you remove the silk from my eyes

                                You ask again, how it feels to be this open

                I can only reach for you, to show you what you have shown me

Valentine, 29-March-2014

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