All, I want it All


Mine, a single word holds me still, my mind frozen

Whispered in the dark, against my sleeping back

In the dawns pink light out loud, shattering my morning

My mind holds it, whispers it back to me when you are not here, Yours

Mine,  a phantom arm around my back, lips against my ear a whisper

Dancing to a rhythm only partly of music’s making

Body molded as if it knows your contours and fit before               

Dared to agree, even my skin responds without need for more, Yours

Mine, spun from honey and silk across a fearful heart

Secret words and questions, challenge shadowed corners

You are the first I tell you, gifting you my secrets and my doubts

You are the only one I see in the corner of my eye, my heart wide open, Yours

Mine, you are King Shahryar to my Sherehezade as I spin tales for your amusement

Stories laid at your feet, laying bare my soul as a place of delight

Each tale told to free us both or bind us more closely together

Hints of velvet and gold lay lightly on my neck a promise, Yours

Mine, unbound until you knock on the door, ask me again

Fantasy and reality entangled, my spirits wings beating with your heartbeat

Silk bonds float down to lay across wrists offered in trust to you, bound to you

I have loved you before as you knot the red silk and draw me toward you, Yours

Valentine Logar


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